EA Studios did not like the company’s post about single-player games

At the beginning of this month, on the 1st to be precise, the official profile Electronic Arts published a Message on Twitter which caused controversy. With a seemingly “harmless” message and a “humorous tone,” the distributor inadvertently stepped on many people’s toes.

The said publication said that “it’s 10 but likes single-player games only”, a message that was not well received by the public. Social media users were very critical of the post, which turned things around big meme at EA’s expense. And it seems that it wasn’t just the players who dissed the publication: According to the report, The tweet also caused an internal uproar Between home studios.

According to USA Today, the post soon ended up on Slack, a messaging tool widely used by companies to organize large teams and facilitate internal communication. The text says that The staff noted the negative reception on Twitter, but as the issue gained attention, someone suggested the idea of ​​using internal studio profiles to “moke” the post and turn it into a marketing ploy.

The plan ultimately did not move forward because this approach could reinforce the idea that EA is “evil,” making matters worse by suggesting that even The distributor’s own studios are anti-EA. And according to USA Today sources, A few studios really didn’t like it Not so few posts on social networks. After some time, those responsible came to the conclusion that the best strategy was to admit the mistake and issue a public apology.

After a while There was no apologyBut the official profile posted a new message saying that he has “accepted defeat” and that playing single player games actually makes him “11th grade”.

Another very interesting piece of information revealed by the report is that it appears that EA’s social media team is unaware of the publisher’s products and history. That would be the reason the “joke” was posted: the person who wrote the post He did not know the shameful statement about single-player games from Electronic Arts that were made nearly a decade ago – and which still haunt the publisher to this day.

“I’m 99% sure that the person who posted the tweet and their manager didn’t even know about the comment about single-player games ten years ago,” a source told USA Today. The comment in question was a statement made in 2010 by the then president of EA Games, who at the time It pointed to the “death” of single-player games..

The site claims to have reached out to the publisher for comment on the situation, but has yet to hear back.

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