EA shows how different parts of Dead Space Remake are being created

Lighting, environment, characters and more

Motive Studios, the creator of the Dead Space remake, showed the process of creating a new title. During earlier live streaming, the developers showed improvements to the remake compared to the original game. They presented visual effects, character modeling, environment and lighting.

The video that I present to you Creating an environment Shows the different stages of the pipeline for this area of ​​game production. From the first game analysis, remake the original game assets, add colors and textures, improve details, insert horror elements, and finish with varnish.

All six stages are called L0 to L5, and the developers say they are in the L4 stage, adding elements of horror narratives such as bloodstains, bodies scattered throughout the scenarios, monsters, and an entire atmosphere that includes sounds and shadow effects. And light. .

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You Visual effects Use modern technology (obviously) as the person in charge of this part points out. The video shows how different effects work in different environments. For example, the artist used sparks of fire that behave differently when there is gravity or not. Another example is explosions that adapt to ambient light and smoke that interacts with collisions.

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Already Isaac’s attire Receives a new generation of treatment with detailed tissues, up to damaged wounds. Iron parts, with stains of dirt and blood that reflect the surrounding lighting, will give more realism to the protagonist. Also featured in the character modeling video Different enemy statesWith great realism in the “Gore” part.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of the horror game, especially Dead Space: Lighting and shadow effects. The developers show how they worked on this part, using light temperature in Kelvin, dimmable lighting, lighting on different surfaces and real-time lighting.

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While no new gameplay is shown, the videos give us a good idea of ​​how Dead Space Remake unfolds. Using the creation tools they have shown in these videos is a complete dashboard for those who enjoy and have knowledge about the development part.

Dead Space Remake will be released on January 27 for the next generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, except for PC.


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