EA President Defends Advertising in Games “As long as it’s done right”

In-game advertising may become the market norm in the near future

Advertising in games has become an increasingly recurring theme, and Jerry has become the CEO Electronic art Express your opinion on this whole situation.

Asked about the introduction of in-game advertising, EA CEO Andrew Wilson replied that “Games are a place for advertising when done right“.

When we talk about EA revenue forecasts for the 2022 quarter, the topic is about advertising In the game (Inserted directly into the game) In games Download game. These questions arise at a time when ᲡGame station And Xbox A signal to integrate these types of actions into their games.

recently, Microsoft It is reported that the program, which focuses on inserting ads in its free games, is in the process of development. This program is expected to generate revenue streams for developers, giving them more creative freedom, allowing them to focus on content without, for example, a seasonal pass or a paid customizable inclusion.

EA has already tried to add advertising to its games. The last example is Battlefield 2042Which received billboards with advertisers last year, prompting negative feedback from players.

– Continues after advertising –

But Wilson said EA wants to “Make sure the player experience is the best we can offerHe added that several models have been tested for this type of advertising. In the gameSome pause over time, some go on, always thinking about the player experience.

What we have generally seen in entertainment media and even games, especially mobile games, is that there is a place for advertising when done right. There is a section of the public that will take part in advertising when making choices if it will benefit their gaming experience.“Wilson said.

There is a lot of speculation about how these ads might affect games. There are several pros and cons that can affect not only the player’s experience and game content, but also how games will develop from now on if it becomes a common practice in the gaming market.


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