EA makes a bad joke on Twitter and receives thousands of criticisms

Even the developers “entered” the studio.

EA has been surrounded by criticism in recent years, and now a A joke on Twitter revealed that The internet is not for entertaining jokes from the studio. After the TikTok wave, EA tweeted: “They’re 10, but they only like to play single player games.” This was enough to anger thousands of people, including developers.

A joke/meme basically involves classifying someone’s numbers based on their likes or quirks. Specifically, EA says the players aren’t actually 10 because they only play single-player titles and the studio is a stickler for multiplayer experiences. The “insult” was not at all well received.

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Vince ZampellaThe founder of Respawn, the EA studio that has already released games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Titanfall 2, responded with a face (facepalm) emoji. Continuing the round of displeasure, Mike Laidlaw, former director of Dragon Age (produced by BioWare, another player-focused studio), said: “As always, EA grabs a trend, misses the point, and punches it in the face. “face”.

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Many players and famous names in the industry criticized it

In addition to the two studios mentioned above, Visceral Games, EA’s studio responsible for the Dead Space games, was another Electronic Arts studio that created campaign-oriented games. Former studio member Zach Mumbach expressed his outrage: “This is a company that shut down my studio and laid off over 100 great developers because we were making a single-player game.”

“If you look at game ratings on a 10-point scale, most EA games are a solid 6 or 7. Not because the developers are bad, but because EA, the corporation, forces them to speed up the games. EA Corporation doesn’t know. What a ’10’ looks like.” In terms of video games,” Mumbach adds.

There are far more comments from developers criticizing EA’s prank than the thousands of responses from players on the platform, in addition to names like Jeff Keil and YouTubers with millions of subscribers. A few hours after the unfortunate joke said the studio: “Deserved review. Let’s get that L because playing single player games turns them up to 11.”

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In mid-2010, EA claimed that the games focused on the single-player campaign were numbered. The studio’s CFO later stated in 2017 that “players don’t like linear games like they did five years ago.”

The success of Jedi: Fallen Order came to prove EA wrong, and now it A remake of Dead SpaceDragon Age: Dreadwolf and Jedi: Survivor are in development, all games have a single player focus.


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