EA is getting lost trying to make F1 22 “a cross between The Sims and Gran Turismo”.

The new season of F1 22, the game in the main category of world motorsport, bets on superfluous things instead of developing important points.

“Wait until next year to buy, the regulations will change and the cars will be very different.” When someone came up and asked me if it was worth paying the price Electronic Arts charged for F1 2021 at the end of last season Formula 1My answer was straightforward: “Changes next year, better wait.”

Indeed, what changed was the inclusion of a huge perfume box with EA’s “Collector’s Edition” seal. It was already expected that the company would show its face after acquiring Codemasters, especially with the inclusion of many microtransactions. The thing is, sports fans are smart, and they obviously didn’t like it.

F1 22 is an incomplete product and somewhat reminiscent of F1 2014, when Formula 1 had its last major regulation change. It’s clear that commercial pressure caused the game to be released in July when it wasn’t actually ready for it.

The game is superficial. Everything that was put on the table in other years is gone. For example, there is no career mode with scenarios and classic cars. A microtransaction? I will put it there.

Where is the new regulation that was here

New Formula 1 regulations for the 2022 season will see “aerodynamic bits” disappear from cars – as they did. The idea is that in the absence of this, the air behind the cars will cease to be so turbulent and the car chase, in the best style of early 1980s Formula 1, will be repeated. It worked in real life: we’ve seen it a few times this year, and the final laps of the British Grand Prix speak for themselves.

Of course, there is another side of the coin: with lower aerodynamic load, larger tires and ground effect as a resource for attaching the car to the ground, the 2022 cars suffer from lower cornering speeds. is it true In real life. I felt very little in F1 2022. It is true that the rear is a bit more nervous when exiting a corner, but not so much when cornering.

To be quite honest, it hardly feels like we’re driving a different car in terms of aerodynamics and design than last year’s cars in the video game – contrary to what drivers have been saying since the first real F1 tests. It is sad. It’s pretty open here because the game is a beta version of what it’s supposed to be and had an early release.

The truth is that it is not surprising. In the weeks since launch, EA released images of all the identical cars in the game, noting that it was still a work in progress. At least it seems. There is no “draft” effect – the biggest side effect – on the lines or aerodynamic difference between the handling of the Mercedes and the handling of the Ferrari, probably the best car in high corners.

Yes, we know we might be asking too much from a series that has never been a simulator and at most a simulator. But it’s safe to say that EA is out of business more than ever. The only positive is that there are (finally) changes to the layout of Albert Park and Yas Marina in the game.

The Sims 5?

The big news in F1 2022 is that you (get ready) feel like a racer in every aspect: you can now buy items for your wardrobe, decorate your home with the sofa of your choice… Really, EA? Is this really big news for a racing game? It’s really impressive how the game holds up on asphalt and all the surrounding gamification effects are either failed attempts or a lot of fluff.

This is one of them: home decoration is just a great microtransaction tool under the hood. Some may argue that “buy who you want” and I agree with that. Others say that the “multiverse” is increasingly present in entertainment. I understand that too, but since the game is incomplete in other parts and that development has been sacrificed in favor of a mode that only uses microtransactions, it’s really sad.

Grand tourism 8?

Another amazing new feature is EA’s fantastic idea to include supercars in the game. They are not interesting and do not make sense there. The idea, of course, is to try to compete with Gran Turismo and Forza. They’re out of place, you can’t compete with them, and even if you could, they’d still be out of place in a Formula 1 game. The equivalent of Madden would be a game mode that no one wants. has a game with “wild football”. Another moment where the series meets EA’s way of production and existence.

There is no point in spending time and money on this. EA could spend resources on their own classic F1 cars by expanding their numbers. Maybe some generic car setups like a 1980’s car where you can put your own paint job and match the championship of the time. As for example…. Gran Turismo 7 does.

Virtually no one is buying F1 2022 to play with supercars. If a person wants to play with them, he buys a simcard or a simulator that spends his time on it. By placing such cars, F1 22 becomes a steakhouse that prepares sushi during the buffet. Neither the meat is good nor the Japanese food.

the verdict

The gameplay is similar to last year, so the races are fun, each lap is different. Career mode is identical. These two things can be praise or criticism. First, because the gameplay doesn’t have to be the same, because the rules are different – but at least they didn’t spoil everything. That goes for the career mode, which still hasn’t been touched by the microtransaction tentacles. Pay to win – At the same time, it seems to be stagnant.

There is no way the game is worth the R$300 we have on the market at the launch price. Unless a lot of updates are coming to the physics of the cars, it won’t even be the advertised price. The game is just as frustrating as F1 2014 was. We hope that the next issue will be full of content that is important to sports fans. Anyone who buys F1 wants to play F1: with cars that make sense under the current regulations or with classic circuits and cars. Doesn’t want to play The Sims or Forza Motosport. To do this, simply select the correct game on the video game or computer.


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