EA has not given up on Battlefield and is fully considering how the series is made

The company intends to use the successful model of Respawn Entertainment in the next games

When publishing its results for the fourth quarter of fiscal year ending March 2021, Electronic art Returned to comment on the current performance of the series Battlefield. At a meeting with shareholders, CEO Andrew Wilson says the company has not refused to upgrade Battlefield 2042 And that he already has a long-term plan that will revise the way new chapters are developed.

We try to take a long look here“- Wilson said during the interrogation by the shareholder. “It is one of the largest franchises in our industry, built by one of the best teams in the industry, and Our expectation is that it will continue to grow And you have been a very important part of our portfolio for many years“- promised the executive power.

Among the changes already made by Electronic Arts is the development of the series Vince ZampellaFounder Respawn Entertainment. This has already led to some changes in positions DiceLed by Rebecca KutasWhich was previously part of Ubisoft Annecy.

Development will be reconsidered

Now we have incredible leadership in the team, they are discussing the development process from the beginning and are really using the Vince Zampella-dash-Respawn model “Let’s go to the division ASAP”.“, Said the CEO of Electronic Arts. The executive also stated about it DICE continues to work to bring thousands of updates to the community And improving the quality of life in the series.

Wilson explains this The developer is currently focused on creating a quality kernel for Battlefield, Which should become the basis for the expansion of the series in the coming years. After the publishing house failed, The game was slowly getting bug fixes And the features promised during the DICE launch period.

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The last major update to Battlefield 2042 in the game came in April of this year and brought key features such as voice chat between teams. Up to this point, The game did not even get its first season. – Originally scheduled for February, delayed several times because the studio was focused on bringing.Extensive correctionsFor FPS.


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Source: PC Gamer


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