EA CEO assures that single-player games are a “significant part” of his portfolio.

Although most of the winnings are multiplayer games

After being mired in controversy years ago for abandoning campaign-driven games in favor of multiplayer experiences, EA is changing its discourse on the matter. At the meeting with the shareholders, The company said that single-player games are “a really big part of the overall portfolio.”

“When we think about our portfolio and we think about building it, we think about it in two major different ways. One, how can we tell amazing stories? And two, how do we build huge online communities? And how do we bring the two together?” EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

“So when you look at our portfolio, what you should be looking for is how do we do that. How do we create these worlds and tell these stories? How do we develop global online communities? And how do we connect the two. Fulfillment motivation?” he continues.

Wilson answers these questions by saying that this is possible by growing his network and then increasing the amount of time his network’s players spend playing games. He adds that single-player games are “a really important part of the overall portfolio” and are part of the fulfillment of that motivation.

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Multiplayer games generate revenue

EA’s CEO continues to wax philosophical about the importance of single-player games, but Chris Sue, EA’s CFO, the guy who takes care of the financial side, says that Multiplayer games account for 70% of its revenue over a 12-month period.

“And it has proven to be a very secure and very recurring source of revenue and it will continue to be a dominant driver in our P&L over the long term,” EA’s CFO said. “Secondly, we talked about some of the areas of investment that we’re making, both games and services and the single-player title releases that you’re seeing.”

Chris Sue reveals that Electronic Arts will continue to invest in long-term, stable and consistent performance for its games as a service.


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