EA Cancels Future Project Cars Games

Electronic Arts claims that the series did not have much potential for future growth.

Created by Slightly Mad Studio, Electronic Arts has officially ended the Project Cars series of racing games. According to information obtained by the Games Industry website, the publisher has decided to “Stop future development and investment” Refers the franchise and the professionals involved in it to others from its studios.

The cancellation of the series was made with internal announcements and it is not known how this decision will affect the development teams of Slightly Mad, but It looks like there will be some release. Although the franchise emerged independently in 2015, since 2019 the responsible studio is part of Codemasters, which was acquired by EA in 2021.

According to Games Industry, Electronic Arts made the decision after evaluating Codemasters’ product portfolio and evaluating which ones fit its strategy. The company’s conclusion is as follows Project Cars has little chance of becoming a successful game And that makes sense with other offerings the company has for the genre.

Electronic Arts says it was a difficult decision

In a statement posted on the website, The publisher said it no longer believes in the long-term growth potential of Project Cars.. “Decisions like these are very difficult, but they allow us to prioritize the areas where we believe we have the strongest opportunities to create experiences that fans will love.“, the company says.

Electronic Arts says it will make efforts Create a licensed, open world experience, which will have an enhanced social focus and live service features. “We recognize the need to develop our games beyond pure play, offering fans an experience to watch, create and connect with their friends.“.

While the Project Cars series and its sequels were born as games focused on delivering a simulation experience, the latest title in the franchise – Project Cars 3 – followed a more casual path and brought changes that didn’t sit well with their older fans.. He published the whole series Bandai NamcoAnd the first two games were discontinued on digital stores a few months ago.

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The Mad Box, the powerful console from the creator of Project Cars, may not get off the ground [Rumor]
After being acquired by Codemasters, the developer’s focus should be on car games


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Source: Games Industry


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