EA announces the next The Sims

In a mega production with sets, dancers, influencers And Anita(!) – check it out here. presented Phoebe RobinsonThe first EA Games took place The Sims Summitone Live To represent the new phase of the franchise, where The Sims 4 becomes free, two expansion packs are in the works, we saw that they will just have changes – as we posted here – and the elderly can get prosthetics. However, the most anticipated news was the confirmation of a new game in the franchise, and we got a glimpse of what’s to come. It will be a game compatible with computers and smartphones that can be played one player or multiplayer. The release will take a few more years, and the name of the project, for now, remains the same Project Rene.

two extensions

Two expansion packs have been confirmed in development, and we’ve got concept art. we will have Two new worldsOne of them is inspired by San Francisco (the city, not the saint):

We saw a little Build mode:

and clothing and objects, including a prosthesis. Will it be functional or decorative? secret.

The next generation of The Sims

was announced The Sims 5However, it does not have an official name yet Project Rene. This name refers to renewal and renaissance. The game will still take a few years to release. They’re releasing it now to encourage players to participate in development, to give feedback.

will also be able to play multiplayerIf you want, but an option one player still remains. Moreover, the game will have integration between computers and Smartphones. You can play the same save on both.

We can see what they are made for Build mode.

For the first time, it will be possible to select individual parts of the object.

And, the most beloved feature of The Sims 3 is returning. We will still be able to freely exchange colors and patterns.

Objects can also be freely positioned at any angle.

Ours! It’s more digestible than Christmas dinner. If you want to see repetition gives Livethis:

What did you think of this event? What was your favorite part? Comment below and on our social media as we are interested to see reactions. The Sims world is stronger than ever, accommodating new players and coming with tons of new stuff. Stay tuned here site Stay up to date with all the news, leaks, rumours, even updates and tutorials as we tell you all. We are one of them.

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