EA announces the end of its partnership with FIFA and launches the EA SPORTS FC game

Electronic Arts has finally announced what has been expected for some time: the end of its partnership with FIFA and the launch of a new football game, EA SPORTS FC.

The company has announced in a statement signed by Executive Vice President Kam Weber that it will release the new EA SPORTS FC game in July 2023. Part of a partnership with the top football organization, FIFA.


“We are ready to ensure that the next FIFA is the best ever, with more features, game mode, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions and players than any other FIFA title. Therefore, the next title, FIFA 23, will end its partnership with FIFA and will be the last EA game under that title.

EA announces this move as the beginning of a new era after 30 years of partnership. “Together with our 300+ licensed partners in sports, we are ready to take the global football experience to new heights on behalf of all football fans around the world,” the company said.

The Electronic Arts statement points to what the company has already indicated it was looking for after the end of its partnership with FIFA: more creative freedom. “This new independent platform will bring new opportunities for innovation, creation and development. “It’s much more than just a symbol change – as EA SPORTS, we are ready to ensure that EA SPORTS FC is a symbol of change.”

In addition to the statement made by the EA, the statement also included comments from the major partners in the football world, including the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga, UEFA, Conmebol and Nike.

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The reason for the change

This change in the name of one of the most popular games in the world has long been awaited. Last year, EA already announced that it was considering renaming the giant football game.

It came with the news that FIFA is asking for $ 1 billion for updates every 4 years. Naming rightsWhich is valid until the end of 2022.

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