EA announces the disappearance of BioWare Points and will release DLC for games from the developer

The old system for purchasing products and content will be completely closed on October 11 of this year

Electronic Arts announced this Wednesday (13) that Ending official support for the old BioWare Points system. Unknown to much of the public at present, they were A solution the developer used to sell DLC when it wasn’t owned by EA And you don’t have titles on platforms like Steam and Origin.

In a message to players, Electronic Arts announced that the points will completely stop working on October 11 of this year.. However, other currencies related to producer bonds, e.g crystals and platinumcontinues to work without any changes.

The company also disclosed Will make all DLC free which could only be purchased with BioWare Points before. Check out the list of titles that will be affected by the change:

  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Dragon Age II
  • mass effect 2
  • mass effect 3 (excluding multiplayer packs)

EA grants access to previously purchased content

According to Electronic Arts,Anyone with a BioWare Points balance in their account can use them to purchase Mass Effect 3 multiplayer content. in the next 90 days. After this date, the only way to get additional items for the game is to use credits earned by participating in your matches.

The company backs this up as well All content already purchased using BioWare Points will remain linked to the purchasers’ accounts. A points system was even included in Origin early in the platform’s history, but gradually EA began to implement a system of direct purchases for additional content in its games.

– Continues after commercial –

until then, The only way to purchase them was through the developer’s official website, in a process that wasn’t exactly intuitive. In the past, BioWare has already made similar decisions about releasing old content, allowing most elements of their games to be tied to promotional events. Downloaded by the general public.


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Source: Electronic Arts


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