DYO: The indie puzzle game you need to know

It is very common that some people fondly remember the days when games could be enjoyed on split screen. However, there are a few cases where the debt screen itself becomes a game mechanic, as in the lesser known DYOAvailable for free at Steam🇧🇷

Anyone who was at the BIG Festival in 2018 had the opportunity to experience a few minutes of DYO. This is a German game in which the player controls two minotaurs (or, if more than one person is playing, each controls one). The goal is to force the two minotaurs to climb the solid structures until they reach a gate in a hard-to-reach area that leads to the next level.

Absurdly creative, DYO requires players to split or combine the screen as needed. If the light minotaur needs momentum to climb somewhere, it is necessary to combine the screen so that both are on the same side and this interaction is possible. However, if there is no platform in a character’s path, it is important to split the screen to create that path.

Minotaurs meet at DYO.

Surprisingly, the mechanics of DYO are harder to explain than they sound. It is much easier to understand the beauty of this special experience through play. So know that we are talking about a game that is available on Steam for free and very little demanding in terms of hardware. Almost any player can download and enjoy.

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With many different stages, each more difficult than the next, DYO remains one of the games that has impressed me the most after going to the big festival many times. Don’t let its simplistic appearance fool you: this is a great game to pass the time and get some exercise.

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