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At Dusk (Image: Material / Interior / Night)

I’ve always really liked comics, not just superheroes, but more independent comics that tell mundane stories with memorable characters. However, the differentiated art was what most made me want to give the product a first chance, something less explored by DC and Marvel. That was the reason that made me watch the trailer Dusk FallsThe game was released on July 19 for Xbox and Steam consoles.

Art and substance

For those who don’t know yet, Dusk Falls is a game developed by INTERIOR/NIGHT studio. We can put it in the genre of interactive drama, similar to the adventures that Telltale started. Walking Dead and A wolf among us.

It follows the journey of three characters: Jay Holt, Vince Walker and Zoe Walker. Each has a traumatic relationship with the other, but one that we only delve into as we play through the episodes. I can immediately highlight the elegant art, with an HQ look and little movement. The feeling of turning the pages is a common thing and it grabs you in the first few minutes.

That’s how I got the feeling of newness.

I don’t remember playing a game with this art form before. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the simplicity of the movements when you’re nervous about the huge plunge on offer. All this because of a well-written script, competent voice actors and a soundtrack that keeps us engaged from start to finish.

Zoe is one of the characters in the game (Image: DISCLOSURE / INTERIOR / NIGHT)
Zoe is one of the characters in the game (Image: Distribution / Interior / Night)

Dusk Falls is simple and difficult at the same time

The art of a visual novel might seem too “still” for your taste, which I think is a fair point. But I suggest you look at it from the other side: how many works of this style have you seen from the big studios?

This trace makes the game quite unique, but that’s not all. Aside from the artistic decisions, the characters’ journeys bring a lot of choices, choices that really change the entire narrative. This may make some people want to play endlessly, which I prefer not to do as I like to make my own judgment and learn from there.

This whole initiative to change the lives of the characters takes difficult moments in the story Dusk Falls. At the same time, I felt uncomfortable.

Without giving any spoilers, the game presents situations about family relationships, abusive relationships, suicide, crime, betrayal, etc. If your emotions are out of control, you will most likely be carried away by every step of the plot.

The most interesting thing is that all this comes alongside simple gameplay, with quick time events and decisions at opportune moments.

Prepare for difficult moments (Image: Exposure / Interior / Night)
Prepare for difficult moments (Image: Exposure / Interior / Night)

It’s short, but worth every minute

It took me about six hours to finish the game’s six episodes on the Xbox Series S. I often felt so overwhelmed by what I envisioned as a narrative that I had to take a break and do something else. However, I can say something about the feelings that arose: they made the adventure unforgettable.

If anything in this text caught your attention Dusk FallsSo remember you can check out the game on Xbox One and Series X|S through Game Pass. For those who prefer gaming on PC, the title is available on Steam.

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