‘Dungeons & Dragons’ (2000) | Remember the disaster of the first attempt to bring the famous RPG to the big screen

Recently, the pop culture world of cinema has received many previews of its upcoming big releases. Trailers like these were enough to get fans excited and excited. They are in production for the second half of 2022 and also some for the beginning of next year. One of the coolest and which positively surprised the public was Dungeons & DragonsA new investment in a classic and much loved property. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among the Rebels Produced by Paramount Pictures, it introduces actor names such as Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis and Hugh Grant driving project and has direction John Francis Dale and Jonathan GoldsteinA responsible duo Spider-Man: Homecoming And in the direction of humor Game night.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among the Rebels It is scheduled to premiere on March 3, 2023, but what really surprised fans was the quality of the work presented in the trailer. We know that these previews can be deceptive, for better or worse—a fact that often happens. But the job of the trailer is to pique the audience’s interest in wanting to watch such a movie, and that’s a preview of something new. Dungeons & Dragons performed with praise. It’s one of the funniest and most eye-catching trailers in recent times, and we really hope it captures the true spirit of the film. However, the most educated fans of this universe are very well aware of the origin of this story – even in other ongoing products such as the TV series Stranger Things.

The first hurdle for any adaptation of “Dungeons & Dragons” is not adapting the cartoon “Dragon’s Cave.”

As the title of the article states, Dungeons & Dragons Originated as a board game that became a real phenomenon, it was released in 1974. Unlike other board games, Dungeons & Dragons or D&D (abbreviated) – “Dungeons and Dragons” (in free translation) is an RPG or role-playing game. game. This means that it is a game where players act as characters. Turning into kids, it’s like watching video games before video games came out. Today, every player has an avatar while playing online. An RPG is exactly that, but done in a more “basic” way and using only the imagination of the players. In the case of D&D, the focus is on a fantasy adventure filled with creatures from medieval mythology such as dragons, monsters, supernatural beings, witches, wizards, knights, barbarians, and mystical weapons. A “joke” was created Gary Gygax and Dave Arnesonbecame serious and continues to bear fruit in pop culture to this day, with products even bigger than the duo’s original work.

For the 80s generation, one of the coolest “produced” games was the cartoon. Dragon’s Cave, which delighted children and teenagers at the time, especially in Brazil, where it was repeated until everyone memorized the episodes and their dialogues. Many may think that the animation lasted quite a long time, but the truth is that it only ran for two years, from 1983 to 1985, in an unprecedented way – a total of 3 seasons and “only” 28 episodes. The show didn’t even have an ending, never showing the last episode in the plot of teenagers who are transported to a magical world after entering an amusement park. There, a group of six children obtained a magical weapon to fight the forces of evil. For decades, nostalgic fans have dreamed of an adaptation of this cartoon that has yet to materialize. For a bit of consolation, there are reports that the characters from the 80s cartoon will make a cameo appearance in the new film. Which makes it even better.

Jeremy Irons is the villain…Profion (not the Avenger) and he is extremely caricatured.

But not only the way to fame Dungeons & Dragons in pop culture. And 22 years ago, the wildly popular franchise would reach the lowest point in its trajectory — its personal rock bottom. I’m referring, of course, to the first live-action film adaptation of a D&D product, subtitled The adventure begins now, 2000. At first, as with this version now, there was a collective displeasure at first that the adaptation was not aimed at the classic cartoon – something that nostalgic fans wanted to see. However, new characters were introduced here. The story involves betrayal, political intrigue, conspirators trying to overthrow the regents, and the usual tricks of the court, all in the realm of fantasy, magic, creatures, and dragons. Themes that will be explored in detail and attention in the following year in plays such as Harry Potter and in particular Lord of the RingsAnd 10 years later in the series game of Thrones. For this reason, we can say that D&D – the movie It barely missed the mark as it debuted a year before the genre really exploded – which certainly works to its advantage.

Only a veteran in the cast Jeremy Irons It’s a prominent name, even if he’s paying the price of his career here. The actor portrays the story’s villain, the sorcerer Profion, who conspires to remove Empress Savina from power (role Torah BirchThen output success american beauty last year). Irons’ caricature performance in the film was quite satirical at the time and has certainly become a meme today. When asked why an actor of his stature agreed to take part in this play, he simply replied that he had just bought a castle and had to pay for it somehow – a similar answer was given by a fellow actor years ago. Michael Caine When asked about his involvement in horror Shark 4 (1987).

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Thora Birch, from the hit “American Beauty” plays the kind empress Savina.

Yes, because you noticed that the quotes from the movie D&D They are not very complimentary. On the contrary, it is a difficult mission to find any defender of the work. It’s one of those rare and singular productions that can’t even seem to find a defender – in fact, if you know, let us know. The truth is, when a movie fails, it’s not good for anyone. This is not good for those who produce it and have to suffer financial losses – and in the case of artists, it can mean the end of their careers. And that’s not good for fans who are left without their favorite product. Here in this first D&D adaptation on the big screen, we get to look at the steps towards a central figure: the director and producer. Courtney Solomon.

Without much expression in the field of the seventh art, Canadian Courtney Solomon He was just 19 years old when he managed to secure the rights to a D&D film adaptation. An ardent fan of board games and all the mythology surrounding this world, Solomon contacted the publisher TSR, the company responsible for taking care of D&D publications – be it for the game, books and all printed material. Through negotiations and his passion, Solomon won the rights to film the idea. For years, the young producer was looking for partners to help him in this work and at that time without a studio behind him, but managed to raise about 3 million US dollars from investors for the budget of the film. D&D – The adventure begins now It will become the most expensive independent film in history. Soon, Solomon was again managing distribution for New Line – which he would also produce the following year. Lord of the Rings.

The main character Ridley was played by young Justin Wallin, photographer Jimmy Olsen from the TV series ‘Lois & Clark’.

Unveiling an incredible tongue, the young producer was very close to bagging a deal with big names in the industry to launch the film like the directors. Francis Ford Coppola and James CameronIn addition, the possible involvement of the deceased Stan Winston for purposes. A stone in the shoe SolomonHowever, it was his contract with TSR that was full of clauses and ultimately prevented him from negotiating with those big shots. In the end, everyone gave in and TSR demanded that the film be made within the stipulated time so that the producer would not lose the rights back to the publisher – perhaps this was TSR’s real goal. The maneuver forced Solomon to take the plunge and direct the film himself, with no acting experience. Solomon still praised the unspeakable Justin Wallin Like his hero, the flirtatious thief Riddle. The director believed that his actor had the potential to become a star – at the time Wallin was better known as Teenage Andy. Killer’s Toy 3 (1991) and as photographer Jimmy Olsen on the sitcom Lois and Clark – The New Adventures of Superman (1993). Wallin’s career, unfortunately, would never take off. close the main actor, Marlon Wayans The comic relief and partner of the protagonist snails lived.

The cast also featured Marlon Wayans as the comic relief Snails and Kristen Wilson as Norda.

The rushed production had to cut several bits of special effects and action scenes – in addition to being forced to work with the first script rather than the new and improved treatment (another contract requirement). Finally, the backstage nightmare was reflected in the artistic result. Among other things, the visual effects that make up, for example, the design of the dragons, were considered low-quality at the time, given that Jurassic Park (1993) and its sequel (1997) created much more believable giant creatures years ago. Fans were also disappointed that the story could not find any similarities with the beloved universe, characters and concepts. And those who did not know this story understood D&D – the movie, as well as a bland and unattractive, extremely generic medieval fantasy adventure. Fortunately, in the following year, much more fulfilling films will save the genre. whose Dungeons & Dragons Redemption can be found in the new Honor among the rebelswhich promises a similar spirit to the first Guardians of the Galaxy to its character interactions and production that are more faithful to its source material. Let’s wait.

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