Dune wins the MMO survival game

The game is developed by Funcom, which is responsible for Conan Exiles

Funcom has revealed the first trailer for Gamescom 2022 Dune: The Awakening, a game set in the world of Dune, created by science fiction writer Frank Herbert. According to the developer, Dune: Awakening is a survival MMO that will put hundreds of players in danger on the planet Arrakis.

The CGI trailer doesn’t reveal any information about the game’s mechanics, platforms, or release date. In the video, we follow a character who is possibly the game’s version of Paul Atreides, based on a classic monologue. “Fear is the killer of the mind” (Fear is the killer of the mindin the official Portuguese translation). In the distance we see a sandstorm approaching and one of the sandworms destroys the spice harvesting machines.

Dune: Awakening will be a survival MMO

Funcom, which is responsible for Conan Exiles, revealed in 2019 that it was developing a game set in the sci-fi world of Dune. He revealed that Dune: Awakening will place hundreds of players simultaneously on a shared version of Arrakis. Players have to build shelters, bases and factions. The planet can be explored using machines to search for treasure, storms and sand worms.

Different factions fight for control of the spice, just like in the books. Players must be wary of enemy factions as well as the natural hazards that the planet Arrakis offers. Dune: Awakening was revealed at Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2022. Several other games were revealed during the presentation, such as the sequel to Lords of the Fallen and new trailers for Lies of P and The Callisto Protocol.

Dune: Awakening does not yet have a confirmed release date, and it has yet to be announced which platforms the game will be released on. The company has launched the game’s official website where you can sign up to participate in the beta, which will be announced soon.

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