Duke Nukem Forever: Videos and pictures show details of the original version

The game, which was scheduled for 2001, had a 14-year development cycle.

Officially announced at E3 2001, Duke Nukem Forever It is known for its long development cycle, as well as for the “3D fall” of the developer 3D Realms. Game development began in 1997, appearing in stores only in 2011 after several reboots and changes by manufacturing companies. – The result, published by Gearbox Software, has a bitter rating of 49 out of 56 on Metacritic.

In the last days, 4Chan users have posted pictures and videos of what appears to be the first version of the game, Shows the game quite a different game that hit the stores. Filming was apparently taken from the game’s advanced construction, but it was not yet complete.

The material is a Duke Nukem Forever version is still being developed in the first version of Unreal Engine, Which would have completed almost all phases to some extent. Among the elements that indicate that the game is still incomplete is the soundtrack with songs by the band Megadeth, which will be replaced by original compositions in the finished version.

The launch is scheduled for June

The people in charge of discovering and sharing the materials of the first version of the game confirm this A playable version will be released this June. They say the build is quite functional and contains almost all the chapters that were programmed by 3D Realms before the re-start of the development process.

While the original version of Duke Nukem Forever was a praise at E3 2001, The team in charge of the game believed that he was “ahead” of the rivals and decided to leave.. Reports indicate that in 2003, only 18 employees of the company continued to work on the game.

Before it finally comes out in stores, The title has undergone several reshuffles and team changes, Which ended with the goodwill of the fans and the destruction of the good image of the series. At the moment Duke Nukem, owned by Gearbox Software That, although he has even included the character in the re-release of Bullestorm, has not yet shown any sign that he will re-use it in the new adventure in which he is the protagonist.


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