Duke Nukem Forever: Impregnated Build reveals what the game would have been like in 2001

Duke Nukem ForeverOne of the major cases of development hell in the gaming industry, with a 14-year production cycle, returned to the spotlight this Monday (9) with allegedly leaked videos revealing the stage at which the game was still in 2001 when it was. Still in charge of 3D Realms – the original creators of the series.

The videos show a game that was quite different from Gearbox Software (Border lands) Released ten years later, in 2011. The design will be the same as that used by 3D Realms to present the game for the first time in three years, at E3 2001.

The person responsible for the leak on 4Chan said that this version, which is expected to run on the first Unreal Engine, will be available to users in June with a level editor. He also says that almost every chapter is in some form, but the game is still quite incomplete.

It is noteworthy that the version includes the band’s Megadeath songs, as well as completely enemy-free scenes and other unfinished content. It is also said that most of the weapons are fully functional.

Originally announced in 1997, Duke Nukem Forever Suffered many internal problems that led to many delays that literally covered generations of the console. According to the website VGC, only 18 people started working on the project in 2003, and at least half of the team left the studio in August 2006 when they decided to restart development from scratch.

Gearbox Software has acquired the rights to the franchise Duke Nukem In 2010 and worked on the launch of the infamous Duke Nukem Forever The following year, which was not well received by critics and the public. The company has not been interested in returning the series since.

If the release actually happens, it will be interesting to see how the community works with the leaked construction Duke Nukem ForeverBy creating new levels, modifications or even gameplay optimization.

If you like unusual cases of old constructions or even unannounced games that were announced years later, Voxel It was recently reported that Gex’s alleged spin-off for PS1 has appeared on the net decades later.

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