DualSense Edge, the new PS5 controller, will go on sale in January and the price has been revealed

Sony already announced the arrival of an even more complete and customized version of the PS5 controller, the DualSense Edge, and now the company has brought new information about the accessory, such as a release date and price.

The DualSense Edge comes as a sort of competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller, and its main highlight is basically more button options that can be customized to make the gamer feel more comfortable while playing.

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The DualSense Edge controller will focus on customization

The news was revealed in a post on the official Playstation blog, where Sony revealed more information about the DualSense Edge, including what will come with the set after purchase. In addition, the company also revealed more information about the news of the new PS5 controller.

Its main focus, without a doubt, is to guarantee a greater customization of the buttons, so that players can choose their priorities and enjoy their favorite games more comfortably for their fingers. For this, the back has additional buttons that can be configured and you can also change the analog sticks.

This makes it possible to completely replace these analogs in some situations, for example, in the case of drift, where the control continues to send a motion message to the analog, even if it is stopped. This way you don’t have to replace the entire controller.

DualSense Edge

Another novelty is the arrival of functional buttons, which are located on the lower front, a little below the analogues. These buttons help you to change the vibration profiles and also to choose the force of the buttons easily and quickly. They can also be used to adjust the volume of the sound output from the joystick through the accessory speaker and also from the headphones connected to the P2 port.

The new DualSense Edge also offers multi-level locks for adaptive triggers that cause the activation point to be raised or lowered based on player preference. This type of performance can be important in games such as racing, to control the acceleration rate of vehicles or even in shooting games as in the case of FPS.

The USB-C cable also gets an update, with a braided finish that provides greater resistance to use and manipulation, in addition to having a control lock to prevent sudden movements from disrupting the connection.

Sony has revealed what comes with the full kit when purchasing the controller, which includes a carrying case and extra analog sticks. The list is as follows:

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • Braided USB cable
  • 2 standard covers
  • 2 high rounded cover
  • 2 low rounded cover
  • 2 semi-rounded back buttons
  • 2 lever type back button
  • connector section
  • Carrying bag

An interesting detail about the case is that it has a compartment so that the controller can even be charged inside, which is also the case with the Xbox Elite Controller. Just use the fitting that is on the whole body.

DualSense Edge

While it doesn’t come with a charging dock (like Microsoft’s), the DualSense Edge is compatible with the traditional DualSense charging base, so anyone who already has one can use it for the new controller. For those who don’t have it, you’ll have to buy it separately, and its average price here in Brazil is around R$180.

Price and availability

According to Sony’s official release, the new DualSense Edge will be officially launched in the global market on January 26, 2023. The company has also revealed the cost of the accessory in the United States, which will have a base price of USD. 199, 99. This converted amount, without taxes, is approximately R$1050.

The price is quite high, of course. Although the company has not confirmed the amount here in Brazil, it will definitely be more than this converted amount, since taxes will still be accounted for. It’s also a higher value than the Xbox Elite Controller, though not as high. Microsoft’s controller retails for $179.99, which translates to about R$950 in direct conversion.

Sony can justify this higher price due to its first features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, but it’s still a pretty steep value.

It’s still not certain that Brazil will be one of the countries that will have control on January 26, but all indications are that it will be, as control is already listed on the company’s national website here .

Source: PlayStation Blog

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