DualSense Edge: The new PS5 controller is now up for pre-order

Controls with variable profiles arrive in stores on January 26, but no official price has been revealed for Brazil

PlayStation 5’s DualSense Edge controller has arrived Pre-order on the PlayStation Direct website. The DualSense Edge can be purchased for $199.99It will be released on the market on January 26, 2023. Sony has not confirmed the price of the device in Brazil and, so far, Pre-order confirmed in US and European regions.

Pre-order the DualSense Edge

According to the company, Control will be available globally In the main markets where the PlayStation brand is represented – including Brazil. DualSense Edge gives you the ability to preview buttons, adjust the sensitivity of analog controllers and triggers, and enable pre-programmed profiles.

Contents of the DualSense Edge package

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • Braided USB cable
  • 2 standard covers
  • 2 high rounded cover
  • 2 low rounded cover
  • 2 semi-rounded back buttons
  • 2 lever type back button
  • connector section
  • Carrying bag

All units of the device come with a carrying case USB-C connection to charge the accessory without removing the protection. The set offered by the company also includes a high-quality USB-C to USB-A braided cable.

DualSense Edge has no confirmed price in Brazil

As of now, Sony has not confirmed the official price of the controller in Brazil. The price of 199.99 USD (in direct conversion 1056 R$) shows the expectation of what the price will be in the national territory. Additionally, the company will sell modules for the analog sticks separately for $19.99 (R$105.52).

Control is a control option for gamers looking for more customization while playing, without giving up haptic feedback elements and adaptive triggers. By offering custom button mappings and profiles, players can set various customization options for their favorite games. O DualSense Edge for PS5 will be released globally on January 26, 2023 And Sony should reveal the official price of the product in Brazil later.

Steam is raising its recommended prices and games will be more expensive in Brazil

Steam is raising its recommended prices and games will be more expensive in Brazil
Argentina and Turkey are among the countries whose value increased by 536%


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Source: PlayStation Direct


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