DualSense Edge: Sony announces new PS5 controller with extra features

It will be possible to create several different profiles and switch between them easily

THE Sony It was revealed today (23). Gamescom 2022 Opening Night LIVE new DualSense EdgeHigh performance and fully customizable controls developed by the company PlayStation 5. The announcement was made with a short teaser that featured visuals of the controller, and more details were posted on the official blog. Sony.

O DualSense Edge It will allow the user to configure the buttons the way they prefer using custom remapping, as well as fine-tuning analog detail, changing dead zone areas and sensitivity. Triggers can also set a dead zone, as well as the distance required to activate the trigger when pressed.

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It will be possible to create several different profiles, allowing the player to create specific profiles for each preferred style of play and be able to easily switch between them during the game. There is also a custom button called Fn that will be used to quickly perform various functions during gameplay, with this button you can change the saved profile, change the game volume and quickly access other settings.

The analog sticks will have three stick options, as is already the case with other manufacturers’ professional controls. There will be a standard size, already found DualSense Normal, plus a small and a larger stick. Another innovation is the presence of back buttons, which can be configured and used like any other existing button, which allows users to have more agility, especially in competitive games. All features DualSense The standard is included in this version.

DualSense Edge design

Despite having some new features, the controls are very similar DualSense Already released, including in a choice of colors, but still brings details that make it unique, like the characters Game station which are printed on the touch panel limit And also on triggers.

The ability to switch analog and directional sticks and the presence of buttons on the back also bring a more “premium” touch to the product. O DualSense Edge Buyers will get a storage case and a USB-C cable that comes with a lock to prevent accidental charging.

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