Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been officially announced by Capcom

The long-awaited 10-year extension is already being developed in RE Engine

During the show dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the series Dragon DogmaCapcom has confirmed this The official sequel began. Without revealing too many details about the title, the Japanese company has confirmed that it will once again be dDirected by Hideak Mitsuno.

In addition to making the official logo public Dragon Dogma2The developer has also confirmed this It will be created as part of the RE Engine. Originally addressed to the series Resident EvilThe technology has expanded to the company’s major series and has Used in titles like Street Fighter 6 and Devil May Cry 5 – The latter is also known to the director.

Capcom also confirmed The team responsible for the project will be Daigo Ikeno and Kenichi Suzuki, the two main members of the original game.. On the other hand, it seems that fans will have to wait long enough to learn more about the sequel, the development progress of which is still unclear.

The platforms have not been announced yet

Another aspect of Dragon’s Dogma 2 that remains a mystery is the platforms on which it will land. However, given Capcom’s recent history, I’m sure it will come simultaneously on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC..

The first game in the series debuted in 2012 Playstation 3 And Xbox 360Attracts attention with its combat system and open world full of monsters. Won the title in April 2013 in the Dark Arisen versionWhich brought a series of additional content and new challenges – this latest edition has been adapted PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch And Pracha.

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The franchise even got launched in 2015 Dragon’s Dogma OnlineWho received the versions Playstation 3, PlayStation 4 And Pracha. Exclusively in Japan, the MMO had a good starting reception, but it was gradually abandoned by players, forcing Capcom to do so. Terminate service on July 11, 2019.


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Source: Capcom


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