“Dragon House” wants to save the failure of “Game of Thrones” in the video game

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“Game of Thrones” made history after its release. Even with a disappointing ending for fans, the series left its mark and Westeros became one of the most iconic fantasy worlds.

Now, HBO is bringing GoT back with its next spin-off, House of the Dragon.and the dragon” in the original). The production premieres next week, August 21, on HBO Max.


While Game of Thrones has become a television staple, the franchise has always struggled to break into the gaming industry. There have been many video games that have tried to capture the essence of Westeros, but most have failed.

There have been strategy titles, RPGs, adventure games, and plenty of mobile games trying to emulate GoT. However, none of them ever really felt like a sequel to the series or novels, and thus received little attention from fans.

Now, with the release of House of the Dragon, it may be time for the industry to try again with the thrilling adventure of Westeros. For those who don’t remember, Game of Thrones has hosted 11 different video games based on its universe over the years. These titles spanned a number of different genres, with most of these games released on mobile.

These included a cyanide RPG called Game of Thrones, a story-based adventure from Telltale Games called Game of Thrones: A Game of Thrones series, and a strategy title. free game Turbin’s Game of Thrones: Conquest, among many others.

With so many games, there is bound to be one that captures the essence of the series, but that wasn’t the case with these titles.

The most popular game was Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. Players took control of the northern house known as House Forrester and played as its five members. The game was divided into six different chapters and ran alongside GoT for seasons 3-5.

Players could witness various Game of Thrones events through the eyes of a house that was not featured on the show. The game received decent reviews and proved to be a hit with many fans of the series, but a second season never saw the light of day due to problems at Telltale Games.

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It should be remembered that most of the releases of “Game of Thrones” were for mobile. Some have received PC versions, but they are still smartphone games at their core. While other fantasy franchises like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are getting big RPGs set in their own universes, GoT is getting mobile games.

This is somewhat controversial for a production that dominated the television scene and made history, but fans hope that it will be corrected when “Dragon House” arrives.

A spin-off is an entirely new series that appeals to a large portion of its original fans and may also attract a new audience. “Dragon House” could become a topic of discussion on social media, just like GoT was, and so making Westeros ubiquitous again, and thus more universes in video games, would be necessary.

The goal of any franchise is to explore people’s stories. An example of this is Marvel Studios, which provides a constant stream of content through the MCU, and fans can also turn to numerous video games based on the characters.

Lord of the Rings fans will have Rings of Power with The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Harry Potter fans will be treated to Fantastic Beasts and the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy.

The biggest franchises have provided content for TV and movie fans along with gamers, and it’s time for Westeros to do the same with GoT. Game of Thrones has a lot of potential beyond mobile gaming.

Dragon House is sure to renew interest in the franchise, and the gaming industry needs to support this renewed interest with new titles. Doing so will give fans something to play with and keep the franchise in the public mind. Westeros begs to be used by gamers and the industry needs to reveal!

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