Dragon Ball: From the worst to the best, critics say

Today we are going to understand the best and worst games Dragon Ball! While the anime and manga market continues to grow in Brazil, where more and more otaku are moving, it is very difficult to talk about the topic and not remember the franchise. From her first TV shows and newspaper booths to the present day, the adventures of Goku and her friends mark an era and force more and more people to fall in love with Akira Toryama’s work.

Whether it is a character design, a sense of funny humor or spectacular battles, Dragon Ball It is a phenomenon of pop culture and, as such, naturally inspires generations of games! From this series to the best, we will see which were the five worst and five best games inspired by the series according to Metacritic. Check out the list below!

5 Worst Official Dragon Ball Game

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect – Note 49 (Xbox 360)

On paper, in 2012, the idea of ​​using traffic control tools so popular to sink into the world. Dragon Ball It was not the worst. But interestingly, it was one of the few games in the series that even came out in Japan! The problem here is that everything was just tiring to the maximum and the critics even punished Kinect with a poorly installed camera. This is a game that should have made you feel like a goku or a vegeta, but in practice it threw you in the place of the master. Satan …

Dragon Ball Z Infinite World – Note 48 – (PlayStation 2)

Like many of the other titles we see here, Infinite world This is a fighting game Dragon Ball. But the abundance of genre releases has already pushed specialized critics towards some bad will towards developer Dimps, noting that it did not bring so many innovations or attractions, it looked more like cheaper opportunism trying to use it to great success. Budokai 3. His rating was only 48.

Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu – Note 40 (Game Boy Advance)

Think slow game, slow, almost stopped … Have you thought? Now slow it down 10 times and start gaining speed Tayketu. It’s so boring, even working with characters Dragon Ball There should be crime in some countries, but unfortunately this is not the case. Tayketu Came out for Game Boy Advance and his only punishment was to get an average score of only 40. It came cheap!

Dragon Ball Evolution – Note 28 (PSP)

Dragon Ball Evolution Here already appeared some of the worst in the best series when we listed the greatest cruelty that has ever appeared on the PSP, but every chance of losing this game is worth it! If you have not yet seen the American film that gives the game its name, do yourself a favor and remain ignorant. From a dark schedule to a lame artificial intelligence, critics still punished the grotesque imbalance of one of the worst games in history and received only 28.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 – Note 25 (PS1)

Without breaking any boundaries, it’s not that we can find a worse game Evolution? The Final Battle 22 Continues the series Super Butotene From Super Nintendo, but despite being on the PlayStation 1, it looks more like a 16-bit game! Aside from the fact that it’s very slow, which also applies to very heavy workloads, the lack of story mode or any significant game mode has already made the game released. It is unfortunate that he still managed to score 25. Now at least we can bathe the soul by talking about the best games in the series!

5 Best Official Dragon Ball Game

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 – Note 77 (PS2)

When quoting Budokai 3 He had a good reason for this before. It’s good that the critics recognized the game and he managed to get in here with an average score of 77 as it is one of the most beloved titles for the fans and here the developer Dimps did very well and boasted of a drastic improvement over the previous chapters of the game! Shaded graphics still had great effects, and the construction of combinations and counters was quite profound at the time.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Note 78 (PC, Stadia, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

Although it has a somewhat repetitive formula, Dragon Ball Xenoverse It was well received by critics and sales alike to inspire a bigger, better, and more polished sequel overall. Due to the bit depth of combat and RPG mechanics, with the central hub in the best MMO style in the city and beautiful anime-based graphics, the game managed to get an average score of 78.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Note 78 (PC, Stadia, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

The best service for fans in the form of a video game! From the fantastic opening to the sound of Cha-La Head-Cha-la, to the levels removed from the main events of the anime, this game was practically a dream for those who were tired of just fighting games and wanted a more complete adventure. It evokes the same feeling we had while watching the anime. The one who got the most points was the full version of Switch and added 78 points.

Dragon Ball Origins – Note 78 (DS)

We have closed the games team with an average score of 78 Dragon Ball Origins, A very nostalgic title for an exclusive Nintendo DS! For the critics, the game managed to strain the limited technique well and bring a very perfect experience, but still used the stylus perfectly. To some extent, it complements the fan service well CacarotBecause his story is focused on the first sagas of manga and anime and not the Z phase.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Note 87 (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

You have probably already imagined this Dragon Ball FighterZ Would be at the top of the list and that says a lot about how good this game really is. From his announcement to the first tests, both the public and professional critics fell in love with the flawless visuals and the terrifying pace of the fights that brought us closer to the anime! Or even better than an anime if we get rid of the nostalgic lens! FighterZ Is a fighting game and is absolutely necessary for both anime lovers and genre lovers, with an average score of 87.

And those were the five worst and the five best games Dragon Ball According to Metacritic! Did you already know all these games? Stay tuned here, on the site and on the channel to see the following lists of our series from worst to best!

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