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Doom, the classic FPS game released in 1993 for PC, has been converted into a playable version of Windows Notepad. A version called “NotepadDOOM” was created by developer Sam Cheet and even caught the attention of one of the franchise’s creators via Twitter. For now, NotepadDOOM is only available on video, as Chieti says it will take a few more days to prepare a version that everyone can download. See below for more information on the “new version” of the game.

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Doom (1993) wins another unusual version: now the game even runs on Windows Notepad — Photo: Disclosure/Steam

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The Notepad version of Doom uses Windows’ simplified text editor as a canvas to display the game’s images through symbols. The “graphics” are not very good and sometimes the game has glitches at the bottom of the screen. Still, there’s a good level of fidelity that’s easier to perceive in motion than in still photos. The game also runs at an impressive 60 fps. The creator of NotepadDOOM even joked that he had finally created the perfect medium for the classic toy.

Sam Cheet clarified some of the doubts that users had about the game, saying that the video was not accelerated to show the highest performance and that Notepad also changed its code. He also confirmed that the unusual size of the game is not a gimmick – NotepadDOOM is actually playable and will be released soon, as the developer said.

Notably, Doom released its source code in 1997 by developer id Software, and since then it has become one of the favorite cross-platform applications among programmers. Among some of its most impressive achievements, the game has already won a “version” that ran on a pregnancy test and another that used potatoes as an energy source. The Notepad version also caught the attention of John Romero, one of the great creators of the 1993 title. On his Twitter page, he retweeted Sam Chietti’s video and said it was awesome.

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