Dome Keeper is a great survival indie

Dome Keeper is available for PC

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Formerly called Dome Romantik, Guardian of the Dome is a survival roguelike developed by bipinbit which combines elements of exploration and resource gathering with tower defense. The game arrives on PC this Tuesday, September 27, with a simple yet addictive proposition.

Dome Keeper is divided into short turns. You have to defend yourself from the alien attack and protect your dome at all costs. To do this, it is necessary to dig the ground between one attack and another, always looking for resources that will allow improvements, which will determine the success or failure of the mission. These features serve both to improve the astronaut’s suit and the drill bit, as well as to increase the strength and defensive power of the dome.

Upgrading your suit means increasing your speed and how many resources you can carry each time you venture into the depths of the unknown. Already improving the strength of the drill allows for faster excavation and therefore the ability to explore a much larger area in less time and collect even more resources.

Time management is very important in the game. You always need to know when the next wave of enemies will attack to be present and ensure the safety of the place – the option of leaving some resources behind should not be ruled out, because the less things are loaded, the faster the astronaut will be – since the player must also control the weapons at his disposal , from swords to powerful lasers, and decide which other improvements to make.

In addition, it is practically impossible to defend against all alien attacks, so it is also necessary to resist the dome, restore it and improve it, which does this in an automated way.

You must manage your time and resources well in Dome Keeper

You must manage your time and resources well in Dome Keeper

Photo: Disclosure / Raw Fury

In a game where every second lost can mean defeat, even the form of the dig must be considered. There are different types of soil, some much tougher, requiring stronger drilling while hiding more valuable resources. Creating paths always thinking of returning or creating small deposits of resources, because it is not always possible to move everything that is found, are interesting options that will come in handy in the most difficult moments.

To win the game, you must find a powerful relic that will be used to eradicate hostile life on the planet. A Dome Keeper match lasts an hour on average, depending on the size of the map – as you manage to protect the dome, some improvements, new features and new maps are released, factors that guarantee a good dose of the replay factor.

Protecting the dome is the main goal of the game

Protecting the dome is the main goal of the game

Photo: Disclosure / Raw Fury

Addictive mechanics hide a simple story, at least on the surface. Dome Keeper introduces the narrative quickly, showing only that an astronaut has crashed on an unknown planet and must defend himself. Still, the game has a horror twist that goes beyond the not-so-scary aliens: The Dome Keeper suffocates.

As much as it goes unnoticed by a player who needs to concentrate to have any chance, there’s no way to leave a dome or tunnels dug, and all action is to survive the next day by buying new equipment. As much as he never insists on highlighting any criticism, it’s not too difficult to draw parallels with the lifestyles of today’s generation.

Dome Keeper - Rating: 8

Dome Keeper – Rating: 8

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The visuals, all in pixel art, and the calm soundtrack that contrasts with the tense moments of the game give a special touch to the adventure. bipinbit. Dome Keeper is a relatively simple game in terms of both gameplay and style, but it serves all purposes well. There is still an online mode that scores the player based on how many waves are survived, which should guarantee the game additional life and prospective updates.

Dome Keeper is available for PC.

This review was made with a copy of the game provided by Raw Fury.

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