Division 2 receives a patch on 15.1 31 May; Check out the news

The next update of the game is entirely focused on error correction

Currently in the middle of the 9th season, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will release Patch 15.1 on May 31st, Which has to solve various performance problems related to different game modes. Unlike what you normally do with upgrades that still take a long time, Ubisoft released earlier this week what gamers expected for the future of the game..

One of the main new features of the patch is An error was reported which could cause players to load on the screens After leaving the mode Countdown. The developer also promises to correct the behavior of some unique elements and prevent “Breaking rounds“Collected in the game while shooting animals and dead NPCs.

Ubisoft also said that The names of the 9th season temporary cosmetics will no longer appear in languages ​​other than English. The company even said it would pull out exotic items.Afraid of editing“,”Blue screen“And”Catharsis“Exotic caches and general looting of the game, but the setback has since caused a great deal of public criticism.

The update focuses on bug fixes

According to a list published by Ubisoft, Division 2 players do not have to wait for new game modes or tools to be updated. His goal is to focus on correcting the mistakes that ensure Season 9 of the game Going as planned. Here are some of the improvements the company has made:

  • All members of the group will correctly receive the encryption keys in Manhunt mode;
  • In-game investigations need to update the steps correctly;
  • The game should no longer crash when an audio magazine is playing when connecting to a shared space;
  • There was a problem with the TKB-408 Assault Rifle icon.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the layers to be invisible when an EMP bomb exploded while climbing a ladder.

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A full list of changes has been posted by Ubisoft on its official forum – click here to check it out – and, as a result, an appearance event Fairview Crew Postponed for a week, also from May 31st. The 2nd 9th season of the division will start on May 12thIntroduces the continuity of his narrative and a new progression system for the title weapon.


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Source: Ubisoft


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