Division 2 gets its 9th season and a free weekend; Trailer and details

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Today we are pleased to present our new season 2 of Division 2, the “Secret Alliance”.

In “Hidden Alliance,” the team strengthened Hunt’s structure to provide an episodic narrative in The Division. Instead of focusing on Washington’s 12+ neighborhoods, let’s focus on a smaller area. In this way, we will be able to tell more focused and meaningful stories, avoiding repetition from one season to the next.

We believe that the main message and conspiracy of The Division should not be left behind by the interrelated stories of countless collections. The Hidden Alliance begins with a souvenir cinematic scene showing the immediate aftermath of a confrontation with Faye Laos at Camp White Oak. The story continues even after this moment when Celso, Benitez and Rhodes deal with the events.

This moment serves as a catalyst for further division. Involvement of cinematic scenes highlights points of interest and motivation. This new approach shows the fluid intentions and feelings of our central characters.

To provide players with a safe space to delve deep into the story, these main story collections are delivered to Kelso’s base of operations when the hunting target is eliminated. This release mode will help players not to miss the basic details of the story.

The Hidden Alliance Hunt focuses on a new gallery of high-ranking enemies, but this time they are not traitors. We will now see the evolution of the heirs after the death of Anthony Ridgeway. This is the emergence of a new charismatic leader in the ranks of the “heirs” and now operations are entering the national field. Meanwhile, the new leader, known as Captain Lewis, will arrive in Washington on a private mission.

The new lieutenants and the primary target themselves move from disgusting to sympathetic. The ideology and tactics of the heirs changed. On the contrary, it was the cause of the alienation of some of the more diligent members, attracted by a new wave of ruthless opportunists, who oppressed an army of thirsty powerful men.

The inner difficulties of this new generation of heirs will eliminate the difficulties of the conflicting world and allow you to look at a new new threat.

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Hidden Alliance also brings the debut of new types of content. This system is our first attempt to bring much more flexibility and diversity to our future content.

Each Hunt Lieutenant will perform the main mission from the DC Campaign. These quest shots will be more frequent in future sessions as we expand the capabilities of the system. So far, this approach allows us to revive quests with heirs who have taken their place for their own interests.

That’s all for today! We hope you look forward to the improvements we make to our seasons and storytelling systems.

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Thank you for your support, agents!

/ Division®2 Team.

DIVISION®2 Free Weekend

Division 2 Standard Edition is free to play this weekend to celebrate the new Hidden Alliance season and its new game mode. Agents who want to join The Division and try out the game can do so this Friday, May 13 through Sunday, May 15 on PC, PlayStation, Stadia and Xbox.

You must be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to enjoy a free weekend.

Pre-loading of the computer starts on May 9 at 13:00.

Get ready and call your agent friends, you need a department!

Check out the information below for more information on start and end times on your preferred platform.

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