Disney Speedstorm is accelerating new footage of the game

Disney Speedstorm’s new gameplay video was released on Monday (6) and gave us more details about the game. With intuitive mechanics and numerous unique features of animated characters, Gameloft’s title promises to bet on news and has script, enhancement and technical resources as excellent attractions.

Like the classic Nintendo game, the Disney game requires participants to delay competitors by cheating. However, the game will have additional difficulty when it gets into the hands of players and raises management and control difficulties similar to the Asphalt series.

Watch the gameplay video below (via IGN):

The pictures suggest that the flagship of the game will be the appeal of nostalgia and animations. By this time, names like Mickey, Mulan, Beast, Sully, Lightning McQueen, and others have been confirmed, but Gameloft expected new characters, charts, cars, and events to come in as the next content. Download game.

Dynamic stages and characters in Disney Speedstorm

Disney and Pixar performances inspired by Disney Speedstorm will add more immersion by adding themed sets, soundtracks, soundtracks and more. In addition, the racing costumes of the characters will have the aesthetics of an athlete, but with details adapted directly from their original appearance.

During the races it will be possible to explore shortcuts and alternate trails, from jumps to water sections. Each character in the game will have their own catalog of abilities and will be distributed among the classes of defender, fighter, cheat and sprinters, with different boost power, collision power, drift accuracy and other aspects.

Source: Disney

Heroes will also have an individual set of statistics that can be improved over time. These updates, along with special unlocking moves, will allow for unprecedented racing dynamics and improved adjustments to key actions such as flying, jumping, gliding, speed and more.

Disney Speedstorm will support cross-platform online multiplayer and will be completely free. The game will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022 and will have regular updates with more updates.

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