Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse, a Battle-packed Action RPG, is now available

THE Dress Just announced the launch Disney Mirrorverse: MirrorverseA team-based RPG was created in collaboration Disney And Pixar. The game is free and available for download on the App Store and Google Play worldwide. In it, players will enter the invisible Divergent world, full of worlds depicting popular Disney and Pixar movies. The magic of good and evil influences these difficult worlds, turning the characters into guards who are ready to face the battered, ruthless threat that seeks to dominate the Mirrorverse.

Watch the worldwide launch trailer:

We were delighted with the news revealed by fans and players around the world and the great interest shown during the pre-registration period.“, He said Seungwon Lee, CEO of Kabam. “It is awesome to work with our colleagues at Disney and Pixar to develop this new different world in which our fans and mobile gamers will be able to immerse themselves. Our product development team at Kabam has put time and effort into this wonderful, in-depth and highly interactive RPG mobile. It will be a completely new experience. We are excited about sharing Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse With today ‘s world“.

With stunning 3D animated characters and environments, players will build a team of powerful defenders like never before and take full control of them in this real-time action game. Გ Exactly Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse, They will gather different characters and form strong teams to fight. Each guardian has unique abilities such as armor Sally, Star Command’s large space ranger Buzz Lightyear, Dragon Magician Maleficent and many other guards ready to fight anyone who intends to conquer Mirrorverse.

Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse Features:

  • Immerse yourself in the different narratives and worlds of Disney – Experience a new narrative that authentically reflects the dynamics of Disney and Pixar characters like never before, as they protect the world of mirrored faces from danger.
  • Choose and customize stunning 3D characters from Disney and Pixar – explore new worlds full of detail and 3D characters from Disney and Pixar that have evolved tremendously to overcome this challenging world. Unlock the intriguing stories of these defenders and unlock their authentic and surprisingly special abilities in the face of epic battles and adventures.
  • Master Exciting Real-Time Action – Control the guardian team and experience the thrill and excitement in real-time as you control guardian action, team strategy, and special attacks, or select automatic battles to help defenders meet enemies automatically.
  • Embark on epic missions and play all the new Disney stories – unlock unique narratives and fight crushed enemies to earn rewards and rebuild Mirrorverse worlds and characters damaged by enemy magic:
  • STORY MODE: Experience a stunning story with assignments and missions. Discover the history of Mirrorverse and the eras of isolation, discovery, and crushing.
  • Story Missions: With monthly updates, we add new chapters to the main story or side stories with selected characters and villains that players will face and compete with.
  • Event Missions: Take part in limited-time quests related to Disney and Pixar real-time content and events, and offer unique characters, rewards, and elements of progress over time.
  • Alliance Missions: Join the alliance and work as a team to complete event stages and earn ranking rewards when you play quests against other alliances!
  • TOWER OF TALENT: Players advance through more challenging encounters when using thematic defenders to get elements of progress.
  • Dangerous Dungeons: Players compete with other players and alliances around the world in dungeons to earn elements of progress and other valuable prizes.
  • Content opens monthly: Experience Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse Constantly evolving and expanding, with regular releases of new characters, story chapters, event quests, and more.

For more information, visit: www.disneymirrorverse.com.

Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse Now available for iOS and Android.

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