Discover these 5 missed indie games for sale on Playstation

If you need something new to play on your device Game station, but you don’t want to spend a lot, this post is for you! We’re listing 5 great titles that are on sale right now shop From Playstation to Indie Games!

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The campaign started this week and offers more than 1,000 games at special prices. Discounts are up to 75%, which means you can get great games for less!

Playstation with indie game ads for all tastes

Since there are so many options, we’ve got you covered: Check out the list of 5 games you shouldn’t miss this promotion below! Enjoy it Playstation Indiesa gift Sony.

5. Adam’s Venture Origins

This is for those who love adventures in the best style of Indiana Jones. In Origin of Adam’s enterprise, you take on the role of the explorer that gives the game its name, and you traverse ancient ruins, decipher puzzles, and overcome obstacles. The game has clean 3D graphics and is reminiscent of the beginnings of the franchise Robber of tombs.

The game is 90% off, starting at just R$7.45. Click here to shop!

4. Between us

It didn’t take long Between us It has become a phenomenon among streamers. This online game puts a group of astronauts on a spaceship, but one of them is an impostor who must destroy the other players as they try to find out who is sabotaging the missions. Almost a super fun social experiment.

Between us There is a 25% discount, with a discount of only R$18.37. Click here to shop!

3. Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition

One of the most awarded MetroidVanias of recent years, hollow knight There is no introduction. In the game, you are a warrior insect exploring a giant kingdom full of secrets, facing enemies and giant bosses. And the best: this is the full version of the game, which includes 4 additional content packs.

Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition It is 50% off, R$31.25. Click here to shop!

2. Kazi and wild masks

The Brazilian game is also on the list! Kaze and wild masks It’s perfect for those who grew up playing Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo. A 2D platform game with a great level of challenge where we help a cute little bunny to save his homeland. This is, without a doubt, one of the best “made in Brazil” games of recent years!

Kaze and wild masks It has a 65% discount, R$25.16. Click here to shop!

1. Hades

Chosen match The best awards of 2020 Game rewards, Hades is an extremely addictive rogue-lite. Inspired by Greek mythology, the game puts us on the spot Zagrebson Hades, who is trying to escape his father’s hellish kingdom. With tons of different weapons and an incredible combat system, every game Hades It is unique and intense.

Hades It has a 33% discount, R$83.41. Click here to shop!

With these tips, you can update your game library on a budget! Just do not sleep on the point, because promotion Playstation with indie games It will end on September 22!

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