Discover the relaxing games Hidden Shapes: Black Skull + Old West

Game Drops has received official information from QUByte. Discover the relaxing games Hidden Shapes: Black Skull + Old West. look.

QUbyte Interactive, in partnership with YAW Studios, is pleased to announce a new game, Hidden Forms: Black Skull + Old West which will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X August 25.

Hidden Forms: Black Skull + Old West is a collection of two beautiful and relaxing puzzles. You can choose “Pirates” or “Cowboys”.

The two pack games have very similar features and gameplay. In Black Skull, players will be able to play with classic puzzle elements in a variety of pirate-themed challenges.

In old westThe player can do the same, but with different stages and this time with a cowboy theme.

Both games are designed just for you to relax and be impressed by the beautiful art of each solved puzzle, using abstract and minimalistic elements.

Hidden Forms: Black Skull + old west It will be released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation on August 25, each R$ 9.99 on Electronic store, BRL 21.50 on PSN and BRL 14.95 on XBOX Store.

Game features

  • A minimalistic puzzle game with beautiful art;
  • Different levels of puzzles;
  • Two editions to choose from;
  • Good for testing your memory;

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Discover the relaxing games Hidden Shapes: Black Skull + Old West. Photo: Disclosure

For more information, visit the game’s official page, join the community on Discord, and follow along QUbyte on Twitter.

Youtube trailer

as for QUbyte interactive

QUbyte is the largest developer and publisher of console games in Latin America. Our goal is to grow the industry by partnering to port and publish games previously classified as limited access to all available platforms.

About YAW Studios

A game developer focused on creating games for fun that can add unforgettable moments to the player in a fantasy world.

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