Discover some of the best indie games from Brasil Game Show 2022

In addition to giant booths, AAA games and a variety of giveaways, Brasil Game Show is also a great place to connect with Brazilian independent developers and learn more about upcoming projects. They have an area dedicated to this where players hang out, chat and discover titles that will soon be available in stores. During the exhibition, I was able to gain this experience and decided to collect some titles that caught my attention the most and, who knows, will follow your eye!

Space Chefs (Lusk)


How about a game that combines Keep talking and no one will explode with Overcooked? The Brazilian studio LUSKI decided to answer this Space cooks. The dynamic of the title involves taking a space cookbook, a translator from a foreign language, and putting together meals in a first-person perspective. The release of the title will still take some time, but the game has already been a lot of fun for everyone who went through the Brasil Game Show.

Drakantos (Wineon Game Studios)


DrakantosFrom Wingeon Game Studios, I was more impressed than I initially expected. This online RPG has been in development for over seven months, which is incredible for it to launch so well during the exhibition. It will have a version for both PC and mobile and crossplay between platforms. Additionally, players will be able to link their accounts on another device to continue playing the adventure wherever they prefer. The party system will support a maximum of 3 people and, although it is primarily PvE, there will be zones for direct confrontations with other players. And just don’t miss it: the visuals are absolutely gorgeous. According to the project director, the necessary investment will make its launch possible in 2023, so we can only wait and follow the news through the official portals.

magical place (Pinhasoft)


A magical place It is one of the biggest surprises of the exhibition for me. It’s a bullet hell, with a thirty minute time limit, in which the player must basically survive on-screen enemies while receiving upgrades in order to finish them off faster and more efficiently. As time goes on, we move to other realities with unique features that break the replayability of the game a bit. It is now available for iOS and Android and costs R$9.99. According to the title developer, future updates with story expansion and new characters will be free.

Pocket Courage (Statera Studio)

 Statera Studio

Anyone connected to Brazilian games is already connected to this game. Statera Studio has received the latest version Pocket Courage, a 2D SD style fighting game. What else could be seen were players creating complex combos to finish the opponent, but without giving up the fun that this genre of game brings. Those who missed the showcase and are interested in playing it can download the demo available on the title’s official Steam page.

Sequel to Super Mombo Quest (Orube Game Studio)

 Orube Game Studio

We also had sequels featured in the indie area of ​​BGS. Orube Game Studio has unveiled a prototype sequel to its platform game. Super Mombo Quest. Speaking to studio founder Pedro Savino, the idea is that the sequel will still have a childish appeal due to its cute looks, while still pleasing an adult audience looking for the challenging platformer that it was. The project is still in its early stages, but with more than 800,000 followers on the developers’ TikTok account, content is already being produced on social networks.

alpha blue (Dream stories)

 Dream stories

I’m not the biggest fan of side-scrolling, but Alpha blueFrom the dream stories, my interest was piqued. The game is a mix of classic “ship games” with visuals and powers reminiscent of the classics. mega man. In the few minutes I had the pleasure of testing it, I got the feeling that my failure was more my fault than the title itself. At the same time he will spoil you, he will have a lot of fun.

goldilocks one (ShedOfIdeas)


“Ambitious” is a word that describes it well Goldilocks one. The ShedOfIdeas project, which has been in development for three years, is an action RPG that combines elements from different genres such as Soulslike and Hack and Slack to create challenging and interesting gameplay. They came up with a great idea to promote the title on the show: whoever beat the demo boss won exclusive gifts. The developers told us that a crowdfunding campaign will be launched soon to raise funds for the launch as soon as possible.

Project colonies: MARS 2120 (QUbyte Interactive)

 Project colonies: MARS 2120

Outside of the indie zone, with its own stand, QUByte Interactive went to showcase the main games it’s involved with. The most important thing is Project colonies: MARS 2120Developed by the company itself, it is a space metroidvania with a classic footprint, containing some modern elements, incredible visuals and a wonderful atmosphere. If you want to know more information about the game, including its early access release date, just click here to read the article dedicated to it.

It doesn’t stop here

Apart from all this, many other very cool ones came out of the list. It just shows the strength of our national market in terms of developing fun, diverse and even innovative titles. Walking through the corridor of independent games made me hope that we will have more and more new games that make us proud to be Brazilians. If you liked any of them, follow the developers’ social networks, participate in discussions on social networks, join the Discord community and become an active member of this growing community.

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