DirectStorage 1.1 receives official release compatible with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs

The new version of the technology promises to offer three times more performances

After posting a few teasers about the benefits which DirectStorage version 1.1 Microsoft officially released its API update last Monday (7). According to the company, The new version is now compatible with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs and will bring several performance improvements.

Among the main new features of the update is the introduction of “GPU and GDeflate decompression“, accompanied by the correction of various errors. Now available for Xbox Series X|S lines, The technology promises to speed up the loading of games and free up to 40% of resources which can be used to improve things like detail and image quality.

Although the technology has already promised several PC release dates, So far there is no game available on the platform that will take advantage of this. Developed by Square Enix, abandoned Be responsible for demonstrating the benefits that DirectStorage can provide from January 24, 2023.

DirectStorage 1.1 promises big improvements

In a demo shared in October, Microsoft showed that under ideal conditions, DirectStorage version 1.1 brought 3 times higher performance than the previous generation technology. In addition to speeding up the loading of game elements, the solution also promises a large amount of CPU resources.

However, to use the solution, You must meet certain requirements that not all hardware offers. In addition to having the latest generation M.2 SSD, the interested user should also have a GPU with DirectX12 + Shader Model 6.0 and the latest versions of Windows 10 or 11.

Microsoft also mentions this DirectStorage is a feature that should be implemented by game developers and will not be available on all titles. According to NVIDIA, the latest version of their drivers already supports features like GDeflate, and AMD has yet to confirm what level of compatibility their latest drivers offer.

Most PCIe 4.0 SSDs should support DirectStorage

Most PCIe 4.0 SSDs should support DirectStorage
The company is already preparing a software update that will ensure good performance in games that support the technology.


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Source: Tom’s Hardware, Microsoft


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