Dimitri Bivol’s next fight may be over money or a dream

Bivol still used his left hand and stabbed Alvarez in the body and head. Completing five-shot combinations with left-handed shooting also affected that statistics could not be measured. When Bivoli punched him, Alvarez leaned back and Bivoli’s fist weakened his chin. The shots did not always drop, but they pulled Alvarez out of the counter-punch position and allowed Beauvoir to re-set the range he wanted.

“I was a counter-punch today,” Beauvoir said.

At the end of the match, when Alvarez’s previous rivals were exhausted, Bivol continued to punch. In the 11th round he hit Jabb, then his right hand, which sweated out of Alvarez’s head. In the 12th round, another powerful blow forced Alvarez to retreat and regroup. He was breathing heavily at the time, tired after expending energy on blows of power, which did not surprise Buffalo.

“He fired only strong shots,” Beauvoir said in English. “After the strong blows, he got a little tired. Tired, tired. ”

The loss for Alvarez was the first since September 2013, when Floyd Mayweather Jr. was defeated by a decision, but that does not necessarily reduce him. Before the fight, Alvarez admitted that Beauvoir would be much tougher than his previous rivals, and then he said he would gain weight in the fight because at light weight he could slow down.

“I feel proud. “I came out of my comfort zone,” Alvarez said. “I do not feel ashamed because I look for challenges that others do not do because they are afraid of losing.”

From here, Alvarez could use the point of a rematch with Beauvais on his contract or defend his titles for 8 168.

And two great obstacles stand between the buffalo and fights for the undisputed title of light-heavyweight.

First, Arthur Betterby, who holds the titles of World Boxing Council and International Boxing Federation, and Joe Smith Jr., World Boxing Organization Champion, sign the top rankings. Dealing with any of them requires collaboration between promoters, which is rare in this sport. In contrast, Alvarez has another battle with his short-term contract with DAZN and Matchroom.

Secondly, Alvarez’s rematch would pay him better, especially now that Beauvoir has one conviction he did not have in Saturday’s fight: a victory over the biggest name in boxing.

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