Digital Foundry criticizes Microsoft for lack of transparency with Forza Motorsport

Even without E3, we had a few new games this month in June, with several companies holding their own event. At the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase we got the upcoming Forza Motorsport trailer.

While many gamers were excited about the trailer, it seemed like not everyone was as happy as it was in the case of Alexander Batalia’s Digital Foundry channel. He said Microsoft did not have transparency in its action.

I’m not a fan of what was happening when it came to display and graphics transparency, platform transparency, and specifically Microsoft presentation.

According to Alexander, Microsoft meant that the game was running on Xbox series consoles, but in fact it was a computer version that could bring graphic differences.

With Forza, at first it seemed like it might be on the Xbox Series X and at the presentation they showed a very cool demo, a five minute demo, and they even say Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X and you think, ‘Ah, they’re showing this version, That’s why they quoted it, “but it actually works on the computer.

Worse still, Alexander claims that the published second trailer, which featured even better graphics, was later found to be running in Replay mode, which has access to Ray Tracing.

Then they have this other trailer that came out with it but was not shown at the event but is watching it … I told people “this trailer is much better than the second trailer” but there are several reasons why it looks better and this They then went to the public to announce that he was working on a replay mode that has global lighting by Ray Tracing.

For Alexander, this move by Microsoft was completely unscrupulous and frustrating, he still hopes the company will improve it and be more transparent in the future with Forza trailers.

This is something I usually get excited about, but due to the lack of transparency, I get a little nervous about it because I think when you show games, you have to show the game as it really is and as irbino as you expect. Be on launch day.

Chris Esaki, Creative Director at Forza Motorsport, recently confirmed that the game will have global beam tracking, but not during the game, which means it should be limited to repeat mode.

There is no gameplay, ie it does not work. We have full global beam tracking capability and we saw some of that in this trailer. But again, not in the gameplay, but in some races you can see amazing global lights with real-time tracking of rays.

Forza Motorsport will be released for PC and Xbox Series X | S in 2023.

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