Diablo Immortal will not be officially released in Belgium and the Netherlands

The game does not fit into the lock that countries impose on loot boxes

Officially released on June 2, Immortal Diablo Fails to reach two major European consumer markets: Belgium And Netherlands. It seems This is a result of Blizzard’s decision not to change the game in accordance with local laws Which prohibits the marketing of loot boxes.

Presented in games such as overwatch And FIFAMechanics offer the opportunity Buy packages of goods so that you do not know what they offer. Both countries believe this Gambling (As well as a slot machine) and impose large barriers to its implementation in games that can be accessed by minors.

In the statement, Activision Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo Immortal will not be released in either country because “Current working conditions“. According to the decision, the pre-registration process has already started at both locations Canceled By the title creator.

The fight against loot boxes will start in 2018

Belgium and the Netherlands decided Start fighting loot boxes in 2018Forced Electronic Arts to stop selling FIFA scores In both countries. However, the developer Did not stop selling Ultimate Team packagesAs a result, a ონი 10 million fine – Changed in 2022 after a legal battle.

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In March of this year, A court in both countries has ruled that the developer did not violate any gambling law with his game.. However, local resistance to random loot boxes has forced many companies, including Activision Blizzard, to decide that It was not worth it to release games that could have a legal dispute Own.

On Reddit, Blizzard Europe reports on its alleged support Diablo Immortal will only reach Belgium and the Netherlands if countries’ legislation changes. In addition, the company argues that there is a chance that players from countries that download the game elsewhere may be banned as a result of their actions.

Diablo Immortal: Preload is now available for PC and the game will have 26 GB

Diablo Immortal: Preload is now available for PC and the game will have 26 GB
The game will be released for PC and mobile devices with Android and iOS


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Source: Eurogamer, Reddit


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