Diablo Immortal suffers from a shortage of players in PvE and PvP modes

Small populated servers make life difficult for more dedicated players

When Diablo Immortal debuted in early June, many players praised Blizzard’s decision to offer a large number of servers in different regions. However, there are many players of the last game Feeling that the developer exceeded their expectationsBecause the matchmaking game suffers from lack of people.

Is it just my impression or did Blizzard expect too much from their own game?,” asks user ConterK in a dedicated Reddit thread. in response, Some players are already suggesting to the developer to merge the populations Less populated servers to solve the problem.

There seems to be problems Mainly affects Diablo Immortal endgame activities, which requires characters with at least level 60 and a certain level of item quality. Those who meet these parameters are usually more dedicated players who spend more time in the game – which may not be the case with most of your current community.

Empty servers affect several game mechanics

Another mechanic in Diablo Immortal that seems to suffer from a lack of players is its commodity market. In an environment where several active people share the same server, Some players also report that it is difficult to sell shares Or find attractive options for your characters.

The undercrowded environment also hurts the game’s PvE modes, especially high-level raids that require groups of up to 8 players. The situation seems to vary greatly between game servers.It especially hurts people who, in order to avoid delays and connection problems, decided to start their adventures in the most uninhabited corners of the game.

On the question of whether or not Shows more seriously in PvP matchesEspecially since they have several levels of filters – the more unpopulated the server, the It reduces the chances of finding a person with a compatible profile. So far, Blizzard has not officially commented on the matter, nor does it offer tools that allow character migration between different servers.

Diablo Immortal boosted Blizzard's player base, but didn't stop revenue from falling

Diablo Immortal boosted Blizzard’s player base, but didn’t stop revenue from falling
For the first time in two years, the developer again registered an increase in the number of its monthly players.


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