Diablo Immortal has the worst rating of all time on Metacritic RPG games

Diablo Immortal achieved the worst user rating of all time on Metacritic, a review aggregator site rated by more than 2350 players on the PC version from 0.2 out of 10. The cause of the complaints was the microtransactions in Blizzard’s game, which they characterize as abusive. The game has legendary gemstone mechanics to enhance your character, which can only be purchased for real money. Last week, the streamer Quin69 spent more than $ 10,000 (approximately R $ 32,000) without getting a 5-star gemstone, which caused outrage. O. TechTudo Contact Blizzard to understand the game microtransaction and update the story with the answer. Understand the case below.

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Diablo Immortal received 0.2 points out of 10 out of 2350 user reviews on Metacritic – Photo: Reproduction / Rafael Monteiro

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The mobile version of the popular RPG contains traditional elements of the series, such as fighting enemy hordes and the ability to strengthen your character. Strengthening is possible through experience points and equipment such as better weapons and armor. However, legendary gems create a third way of evolution that is inaccessible without spending real money in the game. They are casually offered when buying legendary boxes that act as lotboxes and seem to be very rare.

The controversy over Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions began shortly after its release when YouTube, called Bellular News, calculated what it would cost to reach the maximum level for its character, $ 110,000. Streamer Quin69 decided to spend NZ $ 25 NZ (approximately R $ 85) continuously on Twitch until he received the legendary 5-star jewelry and after spending $ 10,000 (approximately R $ 32,000) he did not receive it. He responded to passionate criticism with phrases such as: “Who needs at least $ 10,000? What should I buy? A car?”

It is necessary to use the legendary gems for the full development of your character – Photo: Playback / Blizzard

Diablo Immortal’s Metacritic rating made it the lowest rated computer game of all time. The iPhone (iOS) version is slightly better by 10 to 0.5 points, but that only makes it the 1903 worst title among 1921 mobile game ratings. Recently, a similar case could be observed with Gran Turismo 7 for PS4 and PS5. The game uses microtransactions for customers to buy in-game cars and complicates the purchase of cars without paying real money. Currently, Gran Turismo 7 is rated 2.0 with over 10000 user reviews and is Sony’s game with the lowest user rating on Metacritic.

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