Diablo Immortal has been bombarded with negative reviews from Metacritic in protest of the microtransaction.

Gamers are frustrated with aspects of Blizzard’s new game that pay off

Officially launched on June 2, Diablo Immortal is the latest Blizzard game to be bombarded with negative reviews on Metacritic. The main criticism of users is related to the game microtransaction system, which, according to reviews, can Requires an investment of up to 110 thousand USD For those who want to maximize one character.

but The average score for several reviews published by a specialist critic is 81This value decreases only 0.8 Among customer reviews. This makes the game the third worst score behind the title released by the developers Warcraft III Reforged (0.6) and World of Warcraft Classic: Burning Crusade (0.4).

The main problem highlighted by Diablo Immortal players is that while the main adventure is balanced and profitable, I can not say the same about your last game.. Players have to pay Increase your chances Acquiring rare equipment that comes up by accident – that is, not even opening a wallet is a guarantee that you will get what you want.

The game is charged with paying for the win

The game is also blamed Change your monetization tactics as soon as players reach 50 levels, Begins to display ads in a more intrusive way. “If you are under 50, please do not follow the game as if it were your child. It was created to be a friendly free game to this level“- says a commentator on Reddit.

This is confirmed by other comments The game was created to encourage players to continue to spend money on it, Even if the desired reward is not received. What the public seems to agree on is this Diablo Immortal is a fun experience to get to where your last game started And it becomes clear how difficult it is to get more powerful equipment.

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Along with Diablo Immortal, I watch Blizzard victims fall into this trap when they spend thousands of dollars to obtain items. I can not imagine that people feel very good mentally as soon as they realize how much they spend on diabolo“- says another commentator.

Several reports also show that “whales” (players who spend a lot of money) Has an obvious advantage in a competitive game. “I think I will not play this game anymore“- said YouTuber Raxxanterax. “This game is ruined. So I wanted to play for PVP, but I can not“.


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