Diablo Immortal delays launch and is now available for Android and iOS

Computer players will still have to wait until June 2 for the game

Originally scheduled for stores only next Thursday (2), Diablo Immortal is now officially available for download on Android and iOS. THE Snowstorm Apparently decided to launch the game a little further, bringing the series to the world of mobile devices for the first time.

However, although it is already possible to use it through the title Apple App Store This is Google Play, The same does not happen with his computer version. The Battle.net checklist still shows a message that the game is unavailable and the prediction is that it should be published only at the time it was originally notified to the developer.

After a very critical statement in 2018, Diablo Immortal underwent a long period of testing, which resulted in a positive result for Blizzard.. The launch marks the company’s attempt to redefine what is expected of mobile games, promising to have the same level of quality as other releases in the series.

Running has problems

Access to Diablo Immortal mobile platforms was accompanied by a A series of problems with your servers. In the Google Play Store, Player reviews complain that they were accidentally disconnected And that the game does not work well even on the latest devices.

According to Blizzard, Game events are located between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 And show you what happened after Worldstone was destroyed. The game offers access Six starting classesWhich can be changed in the middle of the campaign without losing player progress.

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Prior to launch, the company warned that though Immortal Diablo Bring crossplay systems and shared PvP servers; You will not be able to change the account region associated with your campaign. Thus, those who plan to play in a group should agree well on which server to use to avoid possible headaches.


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Source: Polygon


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