Diablo Immortal Brings Invisible Restrictions to Those Who Play Without Acquiring Microtransaction

The more assignments you complete, the less chance you have of getting rare items

Officially launched on June 2, Diablo Immortal has been accompanied by several criticisms of its aggressive microtransaction system. Thanks to the use of random systems, the game can require hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment so that the player can maximize his character stats – and whoever decides to go the free route. You have to deal with a series of hidden barriers.

Although Blizzard made it clear from the beginning that There is a daily limit for advancing the Battle PassNo other significant restrictions have been disclosed by the Company. According to the player EchohakiWho has already devoted more than 1200 hours to the title, which completes more daily assignments, The chance of getting rare and legendary items becomes smaller.

In a video posted on YouTube, The player explained some of the invisible limitations of Diablo Immortal:

  • After generating 6 legendary items a day, the chances of finding a second one fall sharply;
  • After receiving 6 gems in one day with group bonuses, the drop rate of new gems drops sharply;
  • Side quests stop awarding prizes after 5 of them are completed per day;
  • The purple bosses stop giving rewards after 5 of them are defeated in one day;
  • Random events stop awarding after 5 of them are completed in one day;
  • Players can receive only 5 treasures a day from Zoltan Kulle;
  • Hidden labyrinths stop giving out gems after some of them are completed.

Grind is punished for playing

Echohack’s findings show that grinding – repeating tasks in search of reward – proves something. Punishment for Diablo Immortal players. Unlike other games in the series, investing more time in the game is in practice; Reduce the chances of getting rare items and good rewardsS.

While invisible barriers affect the free aspects of the game, They do not interfere in the challenges of the game Rifts. In them, the player can increase the chances of getting better equipment by using a series of rare and legendary gems – the latter have Purchasing is virtually limited for those who decide to open a portfolio And buy a microtransaction.

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Diablo Immortal also imposes restrictions on the evolution of its item systemWhich is related to the Paragon leveling system: the gem can not move from level 7 to level 8 (or level 8 to 9) so that the player does not reach a specific level, even if he has the resources to upgrade. Blizzard responded to the game’s criticism by saying it never lied about the nature of the title microtransactions. And to assert that it is possible to reach the maximum level without spending anything – which the evidence has shown to be an extremely time consuming and expensive process.


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