Diablo Immortal becomes the worst user-rated game in Metacritic history

Diablo Immortal, which has been surrounded by controversy since launch, recently achieved another negative milestone by becoming the worst user-rated game in the history of Metacritic, the largest rating aggregator in the gaming industry. With over 4,600 reviews on the site, the PC version of Blizzard’s action RPG has a streak of zero ratings and an overall average of just 0.3.

The game’s controversial microtransaction system, recently defended by Blizzard president Mike Ybarra, seems to be primarily responsible for the very low ratings of a title that, despite so much criticism, made a lot of money in its first month of life.

Diablo Immortal’s poor PC rating ties the game with the PlayStation 4 version of Madden NFL 2021, the football league simulator released by EA Sports in August 2020 and which quickly became the most hated game in the franchise by users.

Although both games are poorly rated by the public, Diablo Immortal is worse than Madden NFL 21 because it is rated worse by specialized media. While the PS4 soccer game averaged 64, Blizzard’s PC RPG only averaged 59.

The many controversies surrounding microtransactions are quickly turning Diablo Immortal into an infamous game for much of the community, and it’s not just the PC version that’s been underrated by the community. The iOS version of Action RPG has over 6k reviews and an average user rating of just 0.4.

“Review Bombing” is a recurring public practice

Although it has obvious problems with the monetization system, Diablo Immortal is not the worst game ever made. However, due to the huge weight of the franchise and the public expectation surrounding Blizzard’s RPG, the fact that the title disappointed, it fell victim to a user tactic known as the “review bomb”, in which a game, series or movie. He receives a shower of zero marks in protest.

Almost always, the games that fall victim to review bombs are commercially very popular titles, and many of them have microtransaction systems or a large number of bugs. Among the titles that average below 1 according to users on Metacritic are FIFA 21 (PlayStation 4 version, with 0), all versions of Madden NFL 2, with an average of 0.3 to 0.6, and Warcraft III: Reforged, with more One Blizzard fiasco. Averaged just 0.6 in over 31,000 reviews.

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The action RPG’s microtransaction and loot box system has been bombarded by players around the world, but Blizzard’s revenue from the game is high.

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Blizzard released the first post-launch content update for D:I, including bug fixes, class balancing, and a new event — pretty much everything players have been missing.

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According to Mike Ibarra, you can enjoy 99.5% of the game without spending any money from the users.

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