Diablo Immortal becomes the lowest rated PC game by users on Metacritic

Diablo Immortal on iOS is the 19th worst rated user on the platform

The latest game released SnowstormImmortal Diablo Became a game on Metacritic with the lowest average rating by users – A platform that integrates the analysis of specialized media and its users – Title Achieved 0.2 / 10 User rating for version PrachaFor content in the last-place tiebreaker 2728 User Reviews. Version for iOS Also has very low average user reviews, With 0.5 / 10 points in 4678 User ReviewsBecomes the 19th lowest rated iOS game on the platform.

Immortal Diablo It has been heavily criticized since its launch on June 2 for its microtransactions in the game, and soon after its release, it was reported that only one character in the game needed to invest at least $ 110,000, while the latest streamer Trembling Called Quin69 Spent $ 6600 on the game and was not awarded the 5-star legendary gems.

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We have already announced within a few days of the release that we have received feedback from users Immortal Diablo With a very low average rate MetacritBut as the days went by, the game reached such positions that Blizzard was not really going to win the franchise’s latest title. Devil.

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To date, the company has not commented on changes to the in-game purchasing system using real money, including the game director. Wyatt ChengSaid that microtransactions were already planned in this way during game development.

What do you think of the reviews that users make Immortal Diablo? Do you believe that Snowstorm Can you do anything to change the image of this game? Share your opinion in the comments!

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