Diablo 4: Several hours of gameplay from the new beta has leaked online

Many people invited by Blizzard are already sharing notes with details of the game’s endgame

Although the latest closed beta Devil 4 must be kept secret by its participants, Several people are already breaking their contract with Blizzard and releasing gameplay videos online. According to the VGC website, several hours of footage related to the new franchise game can already be found on file-sharing sites.

Featuring tags identifying the players responsible for the leak, the videos show details of the game’s recent gameplay and its interface. but Many visual elements of the sequel are reminiscent of the classic Diablo 2Its action pacing closely matches that seen in Diablo 3.

As Blizzard decided to limit the beta to Diablo 4 endgame elements, it Prevented from leaking details of the new game’s story. However, materials shared without permission already allow you to see the description of some items and the bonuses they give.

Beta invitations will be extended until November

According to the developer, invitations to the current Diablo 4 beta It will be distributed until November of this year. The company says it will give priority to players who have spent a lot of time learning the endgame of similar games Diablo 2: Risen, Devil 3 and Immortal Diablo.

In addition, the company guaranteed that everyone who participated in its “Hell Ink” promotion and Tattooed game elements will be able to participate in the tests. In addition to serving the developer Check out how Diablo 4’s gameplay systems workThe current phase will also allow it to change its servers and solutions that connect different platforms.

No release date confirmed yet. The new franchise title should hit stores in 2023. Blizzard guarantees that the game will be playable PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Prachawhich allows all users to share the same servers and adventures.

Blizzard has already started sending out invites for the new Diablo 4 Beta

Blizzard has already started sending out invites for the new Diablo 4 Beta
The testing phase will explore the game’s endgame and test its matchmaking and crossplay systems.


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