Diablo 4 is entering closed alpha and leaks are already making their way around the internet

Reddit is already full of screenshots and details about the game

A few days later, Jason Schreier, a reporter for Bloomberg, revealed it Diablo 4 was already in closed testing phase, the game started leaking through sites like Reddit. While Blizzard is quick to pull stuff out of the air, they already did Reveal some interesting details about the mechanics And the story of the sequel.

Among the materials revealed are details about the character creator, who will bring a A large number of cosmetics – Including a wide selection of makeup. The title also promises a Limited exchange systemwhich will allow equipment to be traded up to a certain level, excluding those considered legendary.

Unlike what is expected for the final version of Diablo IV, The game does not have any kind of microtransactions in its closed beta. Blizzard has already publicly addressed the issue, stating that all additional purchases offered by the title will be related to cosmetic items and possible story and character upgrades.

A Diablo 4 leak could lead to a ban

The amount of information posted on Reddit is so great that it forced the moderators to create a single thread. The site claims about it Allows its members to review previously unreleased Diablo IV contentBut notes that responsibility for the consequences — which could include Battle.net bans and lawsuits — rests with each of them.

A Reddit thread also reveals that Alpha information may be quite different from the final game, which is open to a number of changes. Blizzard’s track record shows that the company often makes significant changes to its games based on player feedback – for example, Diablo III, Dark visuals in its tests, compared to its final version.

Blizzard is offering beta access to Diablo IV to anyone who gets a tattoo from the series

Blizzard is offering beta access to Diablo IV to anyone who gets a tattoo from the series
Those who wear their love for the series can also vouch for the digital edition of the new game

As a means of preventing leaks and expelling those responsible, Blizzard has filled Diablo IV’s Alpha with visuals that help us identify who’s playing. According to Schreier, access to the current phase of testing is very limited and is limited to family and personal friends of employees who work for the developer.


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