Devin Hann is the star of the digital age. Some think his belt is paper.

“I think I’m the best, but I know I’ll get better,” Henny said. “I’m still studying at work and I understand that.”

Haneys attributes that readiness to learn from almost anyone to start them in the sport. Bill Hann is Devin’s head coach, but he has never had boxing and coaching. He owned a hip-hop label in Auckland, California, before selling it and moving to Las Vegas. When Devin started boxing as a schoolboy, Bill immersed himself in sports, learned from Devin’s coaches, and eventually opened his own gym.

Bill Hann compares them to their current lineup on a football team: he is the head coach who works alternately with high-level coaches as the team struggles with the coordinators, each adding Henn’s playbook.

“If I told him, ‘Come back with the hook,’ it’s Eddie Mustafa Muhammad,” said Bill Hannie, referring to the veteran coach and former lightweight champion. “If I say, ‘Shut up and come down,’ it’s Floyd Mayweather Senior. If I say, ‘Get out of neutral,’ ” ”

But Billy will most likely not work with Devin’s corner with Cambodia. As of Thursday, he was still awaiting a visa to enter Australia, prompted by a conviction for drug possession in the early 1990s. Also, English coach Ben Davison, who was scheduled to assist Henry in the battle of Cambodia, was denied a visa. Davison is a former accomplice of Daniel Kinahan, a boxing power broker accused of leading an Irish organized crime group.

Last minute coaching changes make the difficult task even more difficult. Cambros won the titles from three sanctioning bodies last November over Teofimo Lopez’s annoyance, Lopez’s delay. He achieved his maximum output (88 strokes) and the most connections (26 strokes) in the final round of this title fight.

Cambros, 28, shares Davis’ skepticism about Henry’s WBC title.

“This boy is behaving like a gangster. “He is not a gangster,” Kambos told a news conference. “He’s as fake as this belt.”

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