Developers are promoting Brazilian games on Steam

National developers and companies organize exclusive promotion of Brazilian games on Steam, the world’s largest platform for selling PC games. The info is from Eduardo Lamhut, BitCake Studio, on Twitter. Find out what it is.

Game Devs from all over Brazil! We’re hosting a Made in Brazil sale on Steam with VALVE – the first exclusive promotion just for Brazilian games! It’s easy to participate, DM me and I’ll send you the link (can’t open).

We already have 78 studios and 224 games signed up so far! Some of the heavyweights who have already confirmed their presence are @AquirisGS, @beholdstudios, @JoyMasher, @StudioPixelPunk, @dumativa, among others!

Here are some common questions: – Can I register my game without releasing it (get a wishlist)? Can’t I get a discount? Can I choose my discount amount? Yes yes yes! All you need to register is a valid AppID and a public store page!

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Steam. Photo: Disclosure

– Can you subscribe to DLC and soundtrack? Yes! You can subscribe to everything next to the public store basically 🙂

– Do I need permission from the publisher to enter the sale? He and not. Valve says it needs permission from the Dev OR the Publisher, but it’s not a wise decision to make without talking to the Publisher. But you have nothing to lose, after all you are not obliged to give a discount!

– Do I need to run and apply now? I don’t even have a store page! It is not necessary! I can’t reveal the dates publicly, but the sale won’t happen until next year. You still have a lot of time to prepare your store page, so take it easy 🙂

Leave any other questions here in the comments! And talk to me or someone else who is already signed up for the sale again to find out how to sign up! 🙂

Edward added:

We are close to doubling the number of studios at Made in Brazil sales than we had yesterday! We have 130 studios registered and over 368 games!!

This promotion, which evaluates Brazilian games on Steam, should take place in 2023.

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