Detonator becomes the best player in the world of Enduro, the Atari Classic

In addition to being one of the biggest heavy metal singers in the country, Detonator is also a beast in games. Bruno Satter, comedian, actor and musician who revives rock idols, topped the world rankings this week. EnduroOne of the greatest classics of the Atari 2600.

This success has already been proven by Twin Galaxies, one of the leading organizations contributing to the great success of video game players. With 4637.8 points, the Brazilian beat Garrett C. Holland (currently 3rd place with 3339.8 points) and Christian Lee Kylebek (2nd place with 4387.6 points).

The record holder reached number 3 in the rankings in March and has been in first place for more than 3 weeks. According to him, there were “long nights” before reaching the goal.

The comedian, whose report was confirmed after recording a video of the match and submitting it to the Twin Galaxies organization, told. Voxel Who broke the record after returning to playing atari after more than 2 decades.

He said that while he was living in Petropolis in the late 80s, the city suffered destruction after the barrier collapsed. At that time all the friends of Sater were separated and he was quite alone. However, months later he got an Atari for his birthday and found it in the game. Enduro A means of entertainment even alone.

“When the pandemic came, I was in a similar situation, somehow isolated. Then I remembered my attire and took it to the living room to start playing. So the video game ended me as a company in the lonely minutes of life and still gave me this first place in the world. Enduro“.

What are the next records?

Satire, who became famous in Brazil because of a humorous group Hermes and RenatoSays he enjoys personal accomplishments. He notes that he chose Enduro Because it was the only game he had at Atari and it was the game he spent hours on when he was young.

Asked if he would try to find other brands in other titles, he admits he has not thought about it yet. Nevertheless, he does not rule out new challenges.

Bruno Sater

“The problem is that there are a lot of games that fall apart when they reach a certain number. for example, River Raid, Which I also play well. When it reaches 1 million points, it collapses, so there are plenty of people who rank first in the twin galaxies with that score.

Ended with a promise. “I think I will keep my record [no Enduro] “And if anyone tries to hit me, I will cover it.”

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