Descenders developer praises Xbox Game Pass

More praise for the Xbox Game Pass!

To you Official TwitterMike Rose developer No More Robots praised the Xbox Game Pass and Positive impact Service in your game, Descenders.

Rose says the Xbox Game Pass is helping several developers around the world; Pays large development costsIncluding the first day of service. Rose also compared running a game service to a guarantee that you will receive payments or not release it on the service and rely solely on sales for profit.

Finally, Rose sent an “indirect” message to the site Kotaku, Who published an article criticizing the “lack of AAA” on the Xbox service. Check:

I said this before, but: Game Pass ensures success for dozens of developers every month, paying all of their development costs (and then some) on the first day. Not everyone who writes “Game Pass is bad for developers” on Twitter has no idea how this industry works.” she said.

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