Dendro is the innovation that the RPG needed

Genshin Impact received update 3.0 last Wednesday (24) and, in addition to new characters and the Sumeru region, the HoYoverse RPG also gained Dendro Vision, a long-awaited new item. After nearly two years of playing, the addition brings a welcome sense of freshness to the game and encourages discovery.

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Genshin Impact has already received major updates over the past two years, and some of them have even brought significant changes. From the content in Liuyue to the release of Inazuma, a traveler with electric powers.

However, for a long time, fans have been fighting creatures and other enemies using a power we didn’t have access to, which leads to a feeling of both curiosity and inferiority. Dendro’s powers and everything they can do is probably the most ambitious addition fans could hope for.

Of course, the most interesting thing is to test Dendro Vision in battle. For this, the game offers character tests, such as archers Collei and Tighnari. The tests are different and the compositions are perfectly combined to understand new reactions.


Dendro with Hydro, Electro, Pyro and other variations is promising and brings more possibilities to assemble any team, no matter which character you get in prayers. Collei takes a more secondary damage stance and uses an unprecedented element, while Tighnari can fill the need for basic DPS.

Even the traveler got a respect kit (unlike other items). Journeyman can now provide a secondary or support damage slot, mainly because his Elemental Blast is designed to be used however the player wants, with different interactions with Hydro, Electro, and Pyro.

After mastering Dendro Vision with the Traveler, even the traffic in Sumeru changes. Different structures react to different attacks and elements and offer exotic ways to get from one point to another, to say the least. Teleports persist, but new ones can be generated by using dendro on specific plants scattered around the map, while others serve as higher jumps.

It’s worth noting that this is just the beginning of Dendro Vision in Genshin Impact. Already in the promotional trailers for the next story, you can see the upcoming characters and will probably also bring even more different ways to explore the element.

An image of Sumeru's map with Genshin's influence


The moral of the story is this: after so many unique experiences, evolving storylines, and charismatic characters, it’s heartening to know that there’s still “plenty of wood to burn” in Genshin Impact, and the new installment is proof of that.

After two years in the game, this is the first time players have had access to a new Vision with a never-before-seen theme, and it could happen again in the future.


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